Check out our Great List of Classic Toys and Games

For families who are looking for quality educational and fun games, toys, construction sets, fantasy play and other respectable toys, check out our section on Family Activities, Toys, and Games where you can find ideas for gift-giving – classics like hardwood blocks to modern building sets, as well as great games to enhance skills in logic, reasoning, memory, and visual or verbal skills.  Or find ideas for fun family games and other family activities. The best toys are those that allow your child to use their imagination, discover how things work, learn fine motor skills, create designs or engage in social and fantasy play.  Scroll down to view over 20 sites of Games Lists and Guides, click on links to view up to 40 Games that work the brain, and lots of other toys that you can find locally or from websites that will deliver eco-friendly or high quality playthings like puppets, puzzles, and other playthings.  Browse through the family activities section for ways to disconnect from gadgets and which can engage the whole family in simple fun crafts and play together.  Spending time with your children and teens is the best gift you can give.  The websites chosen here are not the only places you can find great toys but they are a start.  If you have other suggestions, please contact Choices for Learning by clicking here and we will add them to our list!

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