Check out our Special Needs Section

Check out our comprehensive section for Support for Special Needs. Here you will find sub-sections on everything from accommodations, assistive technology and differentiated materials in Math or Language Arts to Educational Information on IDEA, IEP’s, and 504′s, as well as Legal and Advocacy Issues, and how to help your child with Behavioral Challenges.  Or search for information on Evaluations and Therapy for special needs children and adults; locate Parent and Family Support Groups and Online Groups; or view Disability Websites for more information about your child’s disability or use the checklists to determine if your child might have a particular disability.  And find other sections on Special Needs Recreation, Tutoring Support, and more!  Then head over to the Quick Stop section to check out these helpful articles, lists, and charts: Books and Booklists for Special Needs; Learning Choices Lists and Charts; Learning Charts, Templates and Tricks for Math, Science & Language Arts; Choices for Learning Challenges; Dysgraphia Accommodations; How can Parents Help with Learning Challenges?; Disability Articles and Learning Beyond High School (For Students with Neurobehavioral Disabilities). If you don’t find what you are looking for, click here to contact me and I will help you find it!  Even if your child is not a special needs child, you may still find useful information to support your child or teen’s learning in these sections.

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