Check out our Useful Lists and Charts Section

I have recently updated the Useful Lists and Charts pages in the Quick Stop section of the website.  Here you can find many great charts for language arts, math, and science.

On the Math Charts, Templates and Tricks page, find charts, templates, and posters for ten-frames and place value templates, downloadable and interactive multiplication facts charts, area and perimeter formulas, number sets and number lines, Geometry vocabulary, algebra formulas, graph papers and grids, tangrams, math tricks, and much more!

In the Language Arts Charts and Lists you will be able to print out graphic organizers and templates for writing; view Dolch word lists, grammar lists, charts on phonemes and phonics, pre-reading and pre-writing skills lists; use a suffix and prefix interactive game and an interactive word-shape box you can print out for your spelling list, as well as see homonyms and homophones lists.

Go to the Science Charts and Lists for great visual charts for Anatomy, Animal Kingdoms, Color Wheels, Periodic Table of Elements, and others – clouds, solar system, “deep time,” a fossil and mineral Identification chart, and more.

Click on Contact on any page to send me your great finds for other useful charts!  Thanks! РNancy

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