Early Learning

If you are looking for resources for children 0-6 years old, check out these sections!

Early Childhood has listed lots of resources for busy learners, including Baby Sign Language; puzzles and pattern block kits; FREE Montessori materials downloads; Rhyming chants, jingles and songs; and websites with activity ideas that build important skills for your young child.

For more ideas, go to Family Activities, Toys, and Games for resources and websites that provide ideas for fun things to do together as a family, including ‘unplugged’ activities and long lists of great card and board games!

Also check-out Reading and Language Arts to find fun natural activities that help develop pre-reading skills – meaning they develop perceptual skills, phonological awareness, and visual tracking skills, which are all important pre-skills needed for reading, at whatever age they are ready.

Finally for all home enrichment resources go to Enrichment and Curriculum and then be sure to support your local toy and book stores (or search craigslist) to find products or create your own from downloads from the listed websites.

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