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California Department of Education – DATAQUEST
Find facts, reports, and links about California schools and districts.

California Parent Information Resource Center
Works to promote, support and sustain educational opportunities for disadvantaged and at-risk students.  Serves and supports (a) disadvantaged, mostly new immigrant families in partner school districts that have a high number of schools rated by the State of California as ‘under-performing’ offering links on their site to programs, groups, resources, publications and other supplemental services that support these families.

California Parents for Educational Choice
Find information and support for parent-choice legislation and educational reform.

California School Directory
Contains information about all California public schools, private schools, nonpublic nonsectarian schools, school districts, and county offices of education. Search for below allows educational agencies in California by county, district, name, county-district-school (CDS) code, status and more.

California Schools NCLB Info

California State Department of Education

California State Department of Education – GATE Program

CA State Department of Education – IEP’s
Training on Writing IEP Based on State Standards.

California State Standards
Find state content standards for all subjects for K-12 grades, including technical studies.

Center for Education Reform
Find school choice resources nationwide and by state. School choice refers to parent-chosen school of attendance rather than attendance determined by address.

Center on Reinventing Public Education
CRPE engages in independent research and policy analysis on a range of K-12 public education reform issues, including choice & charters, finance & productivity, teachers, urban district reform, leadership, and state & federal reform. Offers information and publications, current research and projects, and news.

CNN Education News and Videos
Find their up-to-date coverage of education in the news; check current and archived news stories.

Department of Education: Choice and Supplemental Educational Services
Read about parents’ rights regarding school choice for children in special programs.

Charter Schools Program Information
Find out about programs, how to start a charter school, grants, and other resources.

Read articles and reports, as well as view specific data (click on the search method – name, keyword, zip-code, city, etc.) on any California state school districts and schools, including reports on finances, accountability, and testing comparisons for STAR, CAHSEE, and other reports.

ED.Gov (U.S. Department of Education) Choices for Parents
“The No Child Left Behind Act provides new education options for many families. This federal law allows parents to choose other public schools or take advantage of free tutoring if their child attends a school that needs improvement. Also, parents can choose another public school if the school their child attends is unsafe. The law also supports the growth of more independent charter schools, funds some services for children in private schools, and provides certain protections for homeschooling parents. Finally, it requires that states and local school districts provide information to help parents make informed educational choices for their child.”

Search through their website by topic:
Descriptions Tools Programs Additional Resources

This independent site offers info on California’s public schools including systems, research and reports, charts and data, publications and products, and event information. English and Spanish.

Great Schools
Offers school locator and ratings, school level topics, blogs and discussion groups, special topics like learning disabilities, tutoring and homework, media and children, healthy kids, and other resources.

‘I Can Do’ Standards – Pajaro Valley Unified School District
Offers list of grade-by-grade State Standards for all academic subjects, in language that children and their families can understand.

No Child Left Behind (NCLB)
Offers general info and overview of national school academic standards program, state accountability reports, A-Z index on program information, resources and more.

No Child Left Behind
Information for teachers and parents on supporting NCLB, evidence-based practices, innovations in education (charter and magnet schools) and giving parents options, and improving teacher quality.

Parent Teacher Association
National dues-supported organization working to support children and their families within the public school education process, with teachers, staff, parents, and others who meet together and volunteer their time to better the school, as well as to advocate for teachers, students and schools at local, state, and federal levels.

Santa Cruz City Schools Parent/Student Resource List
Includes online resources for learning, gifted students, enrichment,  references and guides

Universal Design for Learning by CAST
Uses principals of ‘universal design for learning’ – ” a framework for designing educational environments that enable all learners to gain knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm for learning. This is accomplished by simultaneously reducing barriers to the curriculum and providing rich supports for learning.”

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