Parent and Family Resources

150 Ways to Show you Care
Read Search Institute’s List on how to show kids you care.
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Alfie Kohn – Unconditional Parenting
Get info on the book, the author and his philosophy of “Unconditional Parenting” and an alternative to traditional disciplining, which gets parents to ask “What do kids need – and how can we meet those needs?” and then gives ideas for working with children rather than doing things to them.

Attachment Parenting
Childrearing philosophy which teaches caregivers behavior to help them in forming and nurturing strong connections with their children, with main tenets on treating children with “kindness, respect and dignity.” Offers information, articles, support group connections, newsletter and other resources.

Aware Parenting
Provides links to parent support section, instructor directory, online discussion group, Aware Parenting Books information, phone consultations, and other information about this child-raising philosophy based on the theories in the book, The Aware Baby, and others.

Bullies 2 Buddies
Information for parents, children, teachers, principals, mental health professionals, and workers to help them learn how to solve bullying issues. Offers free manual and other info, low-cost books and materials, and some fee-based services and counseling.

California Parent Information Resource Center
Helps parents (especially those who may have previously been marginalized, such as teen parents) become more involved in their children’s education and assists schools with the implementation of effective parental involvement policies and programs that lead to improvements in student academic achievement.

Childhood Matters
Listen live (or to saved podcasts) to California radio show on a wide list of topics (search by year for their aired shows)  Offers list of parent resources as well as extensive list on books on all aspects of parenting.

Diversity Center
Important services for LGBTQ youth and their family members, friends, and others who support them, including crisis lines, support groups, list of Gay – Straight Alliance high school groups in the area, bullying information, drop-in center, Queer Youth Task Force, and many other resources.  Also offers support group for children of LGBT parents.

ECE Zero to Three – Dana’s Child Health and Development
Dana offers her blog and resources (local, state, and national) for families and early childhood education professionals & students.  She blogs from her expertise in child development; pediatrics; health, safety and nutrition; feeding; special needs, and from working with ECE and special needs families.   Main topics include: educational philosophies, infant mental health, prematurity and twins/multiples, special needs/disabilities, plus check out her infant/toddler developmental stages charts.

Hand in Hand Parenting (Formerly Parent Leadership Institute)
P.O. Box 1279, Palo Alto, CA 94302
650-322-LEAD (5323)
Teaches skills parents need to build and rebuild close connections with their children, as well as skills to build connections with other parents and their community. Offers classes, parent support groups, parent-child classes, leadership training and parenting literature.

HIP (Health Improvement Partnership) of Santa Cruz County
Click here for Family Health and other Programs
Including Health Families Health insurance for low income families

Human Services Department of Santa Cruz – Independent Living Resource Center
(831) 459-0444.
“Equipped with living room, kitchen, laundry facility, and a computer lab that allows youth to complete tasks of daily living and obtain a hot meal. Free tutoring and counseling services and food and clothing donations, are also available.”  (Independent Living Program services are provided in collaboration with the Santa Cruz Community Counseling Center.)

Kinship Center
831-455-9965  OR 1-800-4-kinship
“Kinship Center is a California nonprofit agency that creates and supports permanent families for children through adoption, relative caregiving or other guardianship. Our commitment is to permanent rather than temporary solutions, as decades of research have shown that children need stable, permanent families in order to thrive.”  Offers: public awareness, parent recruitment, assessments and education, child placement, and support & counseling for birth families and for families after placement.  Therapeutic foster care programs provide experienced temporary care for children who have been removed from their homes to keep them safe, mental health programs provide therapeutic assistance to children who have emotional, developmental or behavioral challenges as a result of past experiences, relative (kinship) care programs offer critical services for grandparents and other relatives who have taken on the care of children to keep them out of the public child welfare system, and Wraparound programs provide intensive support to families in crisis, in order to keep children in a family setting rather than in residential care or psychiatric hospitalization.”

Dorothee Ledbetter, PhD
Supports mothers to create breathing room for themselves through Neurolinguistic Programming, Visualization and Indigenous Practices. She offers classes, workshops, ongoing groups, and one-on-one coaching, combining Neurolinguistic Programming exercises, visualization, art, archetypes, and business success training. She is a mother of three.

Lives in the Balance
Powerful view of children with behavioral challenges: “These kids aren’t attention-seeking, manipulative, coercive, or unmotivated…rather, they’re lacking crucial cognitive skills in the domains of flexibility/adaptability, frustration tolerance, and problem solving.”  Find articles, books, listening library, workshop schedule, and information about Collaborative Problem-Solving.

Lives in the Balance – “Bill of Rights for Behaviorally Challenged Kids”

Collaborative Problem-Solving Videos
Excellent short videos that explain the process of how to help children with challenging behaviors.

More4Kids (List of Parenting Websites)

Online magazine and resource for living natural as families, with sections on birth, breastfeeding, parenting, health, education, recipes, and green living.

Learn how to be an involved parent, get tips and resources on everyday parenting.

National Black Child Development Institute

National Fatherhood Initiative
Find information about this initiative; get resources and support for fathers and fathers’ groups.

Non-violent Communication (aka NVC or Compassionate Communication)
National website for info about Marshall Rosenberg’s NVC theory, books, events, and projects, NVC teaches practical skills in language, awareness, and using power to communicate in ways that inspire compassionate giving and receiving toward meeting the needs of all concerned.

Non-Violent Communication / NVC Santa Cruz
225 Rooney Street, Santa Cruz, CA
Resources, classes, practice, events and services relating to the local community of NVC. Offers classes for parents and children on use of the compassionate communication model.

Our Children, Ourselves
Offers large collection of personal and inspiring articles on parenting and children, from the original book., that challenge commonly-held ideas about raising children.

PACER National Bullying Prevention Center
Information, news, resources, and toolkits to help prevent bullying for children with disabilities and all children.

Tools for Kids and Teens

Tools for Schools and Parents

Download Bullying Prevention Videos here

Download Free handouts on Bullying here

Offers parenting and parent support classes to fathers Santa Cruz County, as part of a research grant to help fathers understand their importance within the family.

Parents Center Santa Cruz
530 Soquel Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA 95062
Hotline: 831-426-7322
Professional counseling in a confidential atmosphere for parents and children. Parenting skill classes according to a court approved curriculum. Education and counseling for prevention of child abuse and to
strengthen families.

PBS Parenting
Offers parent newsletters, videos from “The Parent Show”, parenting tools, family activities, and more.

Positive Parenting
Offers tips, articles, newsletter, parenting classes and events, (including ‘Redirecting Children’s Behavior’) resources and links for parenting issues, and book store.

Lorraine Pursell Parenting Revolution ‘The Parent Mentor”  – Lorraine Pursell, MA, BCET
Provides parent empowerment through her online tools, products, coaching, workshops, live events and personal mentoring.

Re-Evaluation Counseling (Co-Counseling)
International organization for teaching all people how to use specialized peer counseling techniques to free themselves of past hurts and patterns of behavior. Literature, classes, and workshops are geared toward empowering people to help each other and to work toward human liberation. Local classes and support groups offered for young people, parents, people of color, and other groups.

Resources for Infant ‘Educarers’
Based on Magda Gerber’s philosophy of caring for children, this site offers worldwide parent courses, caregiver trainings, conferences, Gerber’s books, and location guide for centers.

Santa Cruz Public Library Information Database – Youth Services
Find support for youth, such as counseling services, Al-Anon, drug recovery, sexual health, mental health issues, and more.

Search Institute
Conducts research and evaluation on young people and provides tools, resources, and services to equip parents, educators, youth workers, policy makers, and other leaders with skills to help youth. Site offers information and resources for families and schools, including the ‘8 Developmental Assets’ that children need to thrive.

Taking Children Seriously
Offers a philosophical approach to raising and teaching children based on communication and problem-solving methods that include the child.

“Unplanned Good”
View video:
“The mission of this organization is to promote adoption as a viable, reasonable and positive option for those dealing with unplanned pregnancies, such that the result is good for all involved.”