About the Website
I decided to create this website because I had collected so much information over the years, that has been useful for me and many others, and I wanted a place for it to ‘live’.  I simply want to help those who are seeking information about learning to know the many choices that are available to them and to find it all in one spot!  I do not ask that you make any particular choice but instead ask you to take a look at the choices and make the best decision for you or your child with the information you find.

About the Author
I have personal experience and/or work experience with the following learning methods: natural learning; pre-school and daycare; self-directed learning; peer-based learning; tutoring; homeschool; alternative education; adult education; special education; K12 public schools; community-based, volunteer, and online learning; as well as learning at state, university, and private colleges.  I also have parented children with unique learning needs, worked for an organization for parents of children with special needs, tutored children for over 25 years, been a part of a homeschooling community for over 10 years, and have a B.A. in Psychology from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

About how listings were selected
I wanted to create a place that could list all useful local (and beyond!) learning resources for free so that no resource would be left out.  These resource listings have been gathered over the years from these sources: personal experience, tutoring, Special Parents Information Network, support groups, parent suggestions, yahoo online groups such as homeschool 2 college and Homeschooling Exceptional Children, local directories, and online searches.  Items listed were selected due to these factors: ease of obtaining information and contacts, personal positive experience or high recommendations from parents or educators, alternative methods of instruction, innovative and/or interactive learning, instruction for different learning styles, to help balance a broad range of choices, those with comprehensive lists of websites, (to keep me from reproducing the same information) resources of interest for either local or national searchers, lower-cost or free services, or because I thought they were cool!

About how to list new or other resources
I have not located all needed resources yet! This site is still under construction and will be continuously added to by the author.  Resource suggestions by readers are welcome and encouraged.  (You can also let me know of corrections to listings or to report problems with links.) I invite all readers to help this interactive site grow with your resource suggestions.   Share your information here so that others may learn from you!

What I Care Deeply About
I believe all children (and all people) should be considered completely human and deserving of loving care and respect no matter how their mind works or  how they learn or what needs they have, and especially for those who are considered ‘different’ somehow and who need a different way to support their learning and living, I want them to know that there are people in the world who are willing to help them and to do what it takes for them to have a good life, like finding the right environment or the right tools for them or at least telling them that ‘different’ is something that can be treasured.

-  Nancy Winans, Choices for Learning