Check out Updated Math Materials & Apps!

If you are looking for Math materials to: augment your child’s school experience, help your struggling or special needs student, help teach your child at home or if your child loves math and wants more activities to do, check out the updated math curriculum and materials list here. Especially look over the Early Learning Section there so you can help your child get a good start!  OR if you want to find great games to help with math concepts, search our extensive list of games which enhance logic, strategy, and math skills here (be sure to scroll down to Educational games and Nancy’s List of games.)  For suggestions of interactive online math learning, downloadable templates and math charts, as well as great tricks for memorization, search here OR go to the Math Online section here.
For Special Needs Students or atypical learners, you can find differentiated materials and curriculum here I especially encourage you to check out Math-U-See and Numicon Math Instructional Kits, for young and older students.  Math-U-See has specialized blocks for numbers 1-9, tens, and hundreds.  What is great about MUS is that the blocks can illustrate addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and even for negative and positive numbers, as they have an ‘empty’ back side to help kids visualize taking away an amount.  They also have fraction cards an overlays to illustrate making equivalent fractions or multiplying fractions, as well as other fraction concepts.  Numicon kits have been used for children over in Great Britain for years and has now become popular with parents of children with Down Syndrome and others with learning challenges, as they are highly visual, easy to manipulate and can illustrate number sense, addition, and subtraction easily.  Two other programs I like are Karis Math which was originally created to help deaf children learn math visually, but is great for any learner, as it works from the visual and concrete to the more abstract by ‘scaffolding’ support with downloadable animated lessons for all basic math topics.  And if your child has an iPod or iPad, check out some of the apps I have been using with typical learners, challenged learners and autistic children in the Software and Apps section here.

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