Health, Wellness, and Personal Growth

Art of Relaxation Training –  by Bob Stahl, Ph.D
Awareness and Relaxation Training (A.R.T.) is an educationally-oriented program that trains adults in Mindfulness–Based Stress Reduction programs.  Website offers info on the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Workbook, CD’s, and class schedules.

Conflict Resolution Center of Santa Cruz County
Learn to resolve conflicts in your personal life, between neighbors, and at work, as well as use their organizations mediation services to resolve conflicts without legal action.

Connection Magazine
Offers online and print magazine on all health and fitness topics and local resources, including mind, body and spiritual health.  Find out about local health activities, support groups, and events.

Jon Young’s Nature Programs
Offers mentoring, one-day, weekend, and week-long nature awareness classes, as well as courses in tracking, “Deep Connection,” and 9-month intensives on Regenerative Design and Nature Awareness Essentials.  Also offers classes for children.

Laura Davis Writing Classes
Find info on local writing groups and retreats, her one-on-one work with aspiring authors, hear about special events, and learn about her books.

Love Apple Farms with Cynthia Sandberg
Offers seasonal classes such as organic tomato gardening, container gardening, cheese making, bee-keeping goat-keeping, vermiculture, cooking classes, as well as gardening classes for children, all at her new classroom location.  Tomato plants are on sale in the spring and summer at her business site but she no longer sells tomatoes to the public.

Mara Lindstrom, LMFT – Mind Body Spirit Psycholtherapy
Combines “Psychotherapy, Bodywork, and Spirit to help people feel better, solve problems, and lead fulfilled lives”  Mara explains that “talk therapy” can be useful, “but that deeper, more transformational work is accomplished when the Body and Spirit are also engaged.”

Non-violent Communication (aka NVC or Compassionate Communication)
National website for info about Marshall Rosenberg’s NVC theory, books, events, and projects,  NVC
teaches practical skills in language, awareness, and using power to communicate in ways that inspire compassionate giving and receiving toward meeting the needs of all concerned.

Non-Violent Communication / NVC Santa Cruz
225 Rooney Street, Santa Cruz, CA
Resources, classes, practice, events and services relating to the local community of NVC.  (See listing above for more info.)

Re-Skilling Expo
Works to strengthen the reskilling movement in Santa Cruz County by teaching sustainable daily-living skills and holding Reskilling Expo Events in the spring and fall.
Each Expo is a day-long symposium of workshops offered to the public free-of-charge and designed to impart skills that will increase food security, conserve water and build community resilience.

Links to guilds and groups

Re-Evaluation Counseling (Co-Counseling)
International organization for teaching all people how to use specialized peer counseling techniques to free themselves of past hurts and patterns of behavior.  Literature, classes, and workshops are geared toward empowering people to help each other and to work toward human liberation.  Check website for info on theory, practice, and local classes.

Sandy Lydon’s ‘Central Coast Secrets’
Local popular historian offers lectures, classes, special events, and ‘walking history’ tours on the central coast.  Check out his offerings and be sure to sign up early for these popular classes.

Skylark Ranch Ropes Courses
Offers rental of their low-element and high-element ropes course for groups who want to work on basic skills, teamwork, and individual empowerment through activities led by the instructor.

Toastmasters International
View the national website to find out about joining groups in your area, national activities, and how to start a club for people who want to work on their public speaking skills
Click here for Santa Cruz County Clubs Locator

Village Music Circles with Arthur Hull
“Brings hythm-based events, experiences and trainings to organizations and communities world wide” including youth groups, classrooms, businesses, as well as training for music teachers and music therapists.