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Family Activities, Toys, and Games
Learning in the Community – Youth Activities and Groups – Arts and Crafts Classes
Learning Online – Arts and Music

Arts and Crafts Family Crafts – “Let’s Play with Clay!”
Lists many types of clay products and activities, as well as links to more pages about the selected clay type.

Activity TV ‘Printables’
Downloadable pdf’s on how to: make jewelry, crafts, gifts, puppets, origami, as well as how to do cartooning and other activities.

Alex’s Paper Airplanes
View how-to videos and/or read the guided instructions. It does link to comments by users, so parents may want to check this out first.

Art 4 Kids – Kids Art Studio
Good suggestions for materials for every kids’ home art studio

Artists Helping Kids
Scroll down and select your search method from ‘Crafts in Alphabetical Order ‘ or crafts by item type, or theme, holiday.  Their are tons of projects (for example: about 10 alone using acorns) some of which are at the beginning of each section, and other links that take you to other websites for projects.

Art Projects for Kids
Find tons of art projects (for school or home) listed by grade, Famous Artists style, or in order of posting date (or use their search feature.)  Each project gives you the steps and a sample of artwork.  Some large work lesson plans are available as a download for $5 each.

Blick’s Art Lesson Plans by Dick Blick
Choose form tons of lessons from 3 different age ranges (as well as a section for special education students) and from over 15 different mediums (such as clay, 2-dimensional, mask-making, multicultural, graphic and digital art and many more!)  Click on links for grade level, discipline, or video lesson sections. Then download their quality pdf for each activity which offers step-by-step instructions, photos of the steps, charts and images of needed materials, state standards guide for the activity, and other information.  Many lessons also include a video link to see additional information about the history of the art, artist tips and more.

Bright Ring Publishing – Art Books by MaryAnn Kohl
“Mudworks” and Other Art Books and Activities for Children

Or view them on Amazon at:

{Craft Projects by and for Young People} – by “Molly Craft”
YouTube Channel created by young person who offers videos on how you can make things for your doll to use, such as a “bowl of ice cream” or a “pet bath” and other fun stuff – all out of simple things from around the house.  You might also be inspired to create other things for your dolls or to make videos of your own too!

Craftstylish – How to Weave on a Cardboard Loom – Potholder
Easy step-by-step instructions with helpful photos.

Enchanted Learning Crafts for Kids
Extensive collection of crafts and projects, viewable in an alphabetic list with lots of topics like Earth Science, Dioramas, jewelry and more.  Find step-by-step explanations and images to support understanding. Inexpensive membership allows access to many more features.

Hands-on Crafts For Kids
View thousands of projects online with step-by-step instructions, illustrations, OR watch shows on PBS OR order the DVD.  Losts of multi-cultural, seasonal, animals and all kinds of arts and crafts projects.

HowCast Videos
(These have a short commercial before the video) Follow the written directions and/or watch the video for each craft.
How to Make Papier Mache
How to Make a Lanyard

How to Make Playdough by eHow
Follow the directions in the text or watch the video to make classic cooked playdough.

Hula Hoop Rug by Family Fun
Make a rug with a hula hoop and scraps from old tee shirts.  View the instructions and photos – looks easy enough for a child to do.

Kids Sewing Projects
Offers information, suggested tools, and basic lessons for pre-beginners (noodle necklaces, etc.) to intermediate student projects, with examples, photos and videos mixed in with the instructions.  Offers newsletter and ebook with more sewing projects.

Kinder Art
K-12 step-by-step lessons for sculpture, drawing and painting, textiles, architecture, folk art, and more, all on a theme with instructions and suggested readings.

Find information on all forms of loom knitting, free instructional materials, patterns, products, newsletter, and more.  Circle looms are relatively easy for novice knitters and younger children to use – generally easier than knitting with needles.  Use different sizes to knit hats for all ages.

Download their pdf here for instructions on using the round loom for knitting

View types of circle looms at ProvoCraft

Or view at Amazon here

My Craftbook
Beginners Starter Kit
What you need in your craft supplies tool box

Beginning Knitting
Click on any of the knitting topics on this page to access the step-by-step instructions and accompanying photos.

Candle-Making Instructions
Scroll through many different candle-making projects links, as well as other candle ‘how-to’ resources and once you select your preferred link, you will find good step-by-step instructions, as well as nice step-by-step photos.

Information and links on scrapbooking, as well as images of pages done around themes.

Quilting with Children by Heddi Craft
Nice site with testimonials on projects done with the family, classroom, and other groups, as well as sections on techniques, inspiration, and other resources.  Photos accompany many of the pages.
Offers free pdf instructional pages (with images) for all aspects of sewing (tools and equipment, fabrics, understanding patterns, stitch types, charts and tables, and ‘how-to’ instructions for all kinds of basic projects and beyond.

Teach Soap
This has pretty much everything you would want to know about creating soaps – basics, recipes, and tutorials (many with photos) – as well as how to make lip balms, lotions, and bath products.  There are also several forums to choose from to learn and share more!

Art and Crafts Books

Bookshop Santa Cruz’s Product List of Crafts Books for Children List of Sewing Books for Children

Sister Wendy’s Story of Painting


A to Z Home’s Cool
Check out their excellent list of websites for making homemade instruments for young children, beginners, intermediate and advanced instrument making.

AHC Arts and Crafts
Offers plans for easy-to-make (step-by-step instructions, many with images.) Find plans for over 50 musical Instruments, including “Drums, Kazoos, Flutes, and String Instruments for Children, Teens, and Preschoolers, all made from materials around the house.

American Orff-Schulwerk Association (Orff Music Training)
Learn about the Orff Music training method, find local chapters for teachers and classes, and read publications and other resources.

You can find the top children’s songs of all time, as well as search songs from over 30 topic categories on this website.  Viewers can find each song’s lyrics and download them to print, as well as listen to the tune in midi format.  There is also an option to share on facebook or to email them to a friend.

“Find examples of children’s playground rhymes, chants, and cheers, through their repository of information, examples, and videos.  Cocojams uses a ‘folkloric’ approach to showcase the words of real rhymes that children and youth recite.” Focus is on a wide variety of songs and chants from African-American and African culture.

I hear America Singing! Folksongs for American Families by Kathleen Krull & Allen Garns
Book and CD of great classic American Folk Songs.

Hap Palmer CD’s
A favorite of early childhood educators, Hap Palmer’s music offers integration of “music and movement for development of motor skills, language acquisition, reading readiness, and math concepts as well as nurtures the imaginative process and encourage creative problem solving.”

Kids Music Town
Find lyrics, sound clips, and downloadable music and booklet (small fee) for classic and modern songs in over 20 categories, including animal songs, fingerplays, chants and raps, multi-cultural, silly and fun, train songs, and many more.

Linda Arnold
Well known Santa Cruz singer and mother offers songs of imagination and encouragement to young children.  Listen to samples of her music and order online.

Mama Lisa’s World – Kids Songs Around the World
Find Mother Goose rhymes or kids songs by country or by language (most are also translated to English) including those from indigenous groups around the world and then choose to read the lyrics, hear the music, or watch a video (selected songs) of the song.

Putamayo Kids
“Introducing children to other cultures through music from around the world, with its growing collection of CDs featuring multilingual liner notes and music.” These albums strive to entertain, educate and encourage “cultural curiosity.”

Listen to samples, learn about his “Child Honouring” children-first philosophy and approach, as well as purchase his works: CD’s Books, and DVD’s.

Rise Up Singing: The Group Singing Songbook
Conceived, developed and edited by Peter Blood and Annie Patterson
“Comprehensive collection with words and guitar chords to nearly 1200 songs, including Folk Revival, Contemporary Folk, Broadways show tunes, Beatles’, hymns a spirituals, ballads and cowboy songs, political songs about peace & freedom, as well as labor and environment songs.

Songs for Teaching
“Use music to teach content across the curriculum – to students of all ages.  This site offers “thousands of children’s songs, lyrics, sound clips and teaching suggestions.”  Categories such as Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Reading and Language Arts, Lifeskills, Languages, as well as Holidays and Folk songs are available, many with both free lyrics and instrumental midi downloads or for purchase.

Smithsonian Folkways - African American Legacy Series: A Life of Song by Ella Jenkins
Purchase the album as a download or a CD to listen to Jenkins’ classic children’s tunes which offer “stories and songs that speak to her youthful years as an African American child in a multi-cultural world.”

ToneWay Music: Mountain Music for Everyone! A Family Tradition
(A favorite musical tradition in Santa Cruz, CA.)  Individuals or families can learn to play by ear on their own or with a group, with their particular Tone-Way technique and low-cost guidebook.  Info on the site about local classes, community music events, free lyrics to 400 traditional songs, and music books and CD’s for sale.

Go here to hear clips of songs and see the printed lyrics

Vi-Hart Paper Instruments
Scroll down for some cool ideas on how to make paper didgeridoos, flutes, recorders, and percussion instruments, as well as watch the videos of the music created with these (however you may want to preview the videos with the instruments on fire as to whether they are appropriate for your child.)

Performing Arts

A to Z Home’s Cool – Free Drama Skits for Kids
Choices of  skits, plays, and readings for young children, middle-schoolers and advanced players, as well as advice and activities for dramatic arts.

A to Z Home’s Cool – Puppets
Comprehensive list of puppet making websites and projects for each age group, as well as tips and tricks for puppeteers, scripts and other informational websites on puppetry.

AHC Arts and Crafts Puppet Projects
Dozens of projects made from simple materials around the house.

Children’s Theater Scripts and Plays by Whootie Owl
Download FREE scripts for your child to perform at home or with groups – all based on folk and other tales from around the world.

Free Printable Scripts and Plays – List by Yahoo Voices
Find several sources of free plays for children and teens, some of them written by unknown authors and others by famous authors of the past, including poetry, camp skits, and one-act plays, as well as others. – Online Scholar Source Complete List of Playscripts
Free online scripts and plays for classroom use or for those who enjoy plays, for language development and just for fun! Offers over 230 scripts taken from folktales, myths, fairytales, holidays, and more.

Renegade Juggling
Order locally or online for all types of juggling equipment, circus skill supplies, and fire equipment for the beginner through professional.  Also offers ‘learn to juggle’ books, DVD’s, and CD-ROM’s.