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Online Learning – Classes and Courses

Curriculum and Materials

All Subjects (Homeschool Diner)

A-Plus Montessori
Purchase Montessori and Montessori-style early learning and elementary manipulative and materials for developing in these areas: practical, sensorial, language, mathematics, botany, and geography. 

A-Z Teacher Stuff
Offers many free and fee downloadable materials.  Has themed activities and worksheet generator, but the one thing they have that others don’t is a free spelling list wordbox generator that makes ‘word boxes’ to help teach those visual-spatial learners.

Calvert School’s ‘Discoveries in Art’
32-lesson DVD set plus a lesson manual instructs students in how to view and discuss art, as well as create art.  Comes with art supplies for; optional additional student kit available.

Charlotte Mason Method curriculum
Free homeschool curriculum planner designed for those using a Charlotte Mason program. Offers CM suggested books for purchase and also uses many free online books.  There is no cost to use site information or join the support group.
Info about using a CM curriculum
Info about this particular method of educating or homeschooling children, which has roots in the bible but can also be secular.  Promotes learning through classic literature, history study and arts and nature-study.

Ed Helper
Subscription Online program for academic curriculum and planning

Enchanted Learning
Subscription fee ($20 per year per family) comprehensive site gets you 20,000 pages of A-Z topics and information, picture dictionary, science dictionary, thematic units, and printable maps, worksheets, tests, crafts, readers and academic subject areas.

Free Montessori – Materials
Find geometrical form of division chart, timeline of scripts, leaf classification, maps, checkerboard multiplication, etc.

Great Courses by the Teaching Company
Choose DVD or Audio college or high school courses taught by top professors in their field.  Be sure to check out their special sale section as they frequently have greatly reduced sale prices.  You may also find these in libraries.  Choose from: Science & Mathematics History Fine Arts & Music Religion & Theology Philosophy & Intellectual History Literature & English Language Business & Economics Better Living Professional High School

Kaleidoscope – the Parent/Teacher Store
828 Bay Ave., Capitola
Educational manipulatives, workbooks, activity books, crafts, toys, and games, as well as other teaching and learning resources.

Learning Wrap-ups
Purchase learning ‘wrap-ups’ which are inexpensive hand’s-on boards which help children memorize facts and information in a tactile/visual/movement way for  learners who learn in this manner.

Live Education!
Produces homeschooling curriculum supplies for families and institutions inspired by a Waldorf perspective for fee.  Also offers workshops and newsletter.

Michael Olaf – Montessori Environments at Home or School
Find “The Joyful Child” and “Child of the World” curriculum and view and purchase Montessori materials for age groups: birth-3, 3-6, and 6-12 in all subject areas.

View links to previous newsletters, videos, and other information from Michael Olaf’s site on education here:

Montessori for Everyone
Find articles and interviews about Montessori; order fine photographic cards and materials for learning in the areas of math, languages, science, social and science, with topics such as: seasons, grammar and punctuation, number operations, and more.  You can also download many FREE materials in math, language arts, and culture.

Moving Beyond the Page
Offers curriculum (online or by hard-copy) for year-long home programs or as a supplement to elementary and middle school students, covering language arts, social studies and science – all for the student who enjoys hands-on project-based learning.

Reach Every Child
This website, although geared toward professional educators, has lots of good curriculum resources for parents who want to  provide learning activities for their children at home or in the community.

Super Teacher Worksheets – All Subjects
Tons of worksheets for language arts (spelling, phonics, grammar, reading, and writing) math (all topics for basic math through algebra) as well as some science and social studies and some fun stuff too.

Time for Learning
Fee-based online home school or enrichment curriculum for multiple subjects that provides interactive education, student-paced multimedia lessons, printable worksheets, ongoing assessments and reporting.

Universal Preshool
Online resource for free curriculum and activities for parents who homeschool or want home enrichment for their preschoolers.  Also check out their blog, news, and articles, as well as their research section.

Waldorf in the Home
Online source for purchasing Waldorf family-based curriculum, books and materials

Independent Study / Distance Learning

EPGY Education Program for Gifted Youth
Offers multimedia computer-based distance-learning courses for fee. EPGY provides high-ability students of all ages an individualized educational experience, with access to courses in a variety of subjects at levels ranging from kindergarten through advanced-undergraduate.  Also offers online high school.

Cabrillo College Online (Distance) classes and registration info

Independent Study High School (University of Nebraska–Lincoln Independent Study High School)
College Prep Distance Education.  Students may complete individual courses to transfer credit to their local school or they may earn a high school diploma from ISHS.

Oak Meadow
Enroll in online courses for K-8 and highschool, as well as purchase curriculum.

Texas Tech University’s College of Outreach & Distance Education (CODE)
Tuition based distance learning for K-12, college, and lifelong or professional education.  Homeschool or high school diploma and AP programs available.

UC College Prep (University of California College Prep – Statewide Program)
Free high-quality online courses and content to benefit California students, with a special emphasis on helping underserved students gain college eligibility. UC-approved Advanced Placement® and college prep courses are freely available to California students, teachers and schools via licensing through local district or school. (Homeschoolers could conceivably be eligible through their district or through a charter or alternative school homestudy program.  Contact UCCP for more information on licensing courses at or call 831-460-3086