Early Childhood

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All Parenting Resources
Family Activities, Toys, and Games
Reading and Language Arts - Pre Reading and Reading Support

A-Z Homes ‘Cool Toddlers at Home
Fun activities and resource links for young children (for homeschooling families or any family)

Baby Hands (signing products)
Offers DVD’s and other products to promote language development through sign language in babies 10 months and up.

Baby Sign Language
Offers free online charts, flash cards, ‘getting ‘started’ basics videos, and subscription blog for using signing with your baby.

‘Best Homeschooling’ – (for homeschoolers or any family)
Topical articles about child-raising and education, as well as resources for parents of young children.

E-How Mom – Games for Pre-Schoolers
Games explanations and how-to videos to watch to learn about these games.

Emergent Literacy – Phoneological Awareness
Activities to do with young children or pre-readers as a way to help them notice the patterns of sounds in our language.

Lauri Foam Puzzles and Toys
Fun and simple puzzles for tactile kinesthetic learning; cover these puzzles with paper and do a crayon rubbing to help the brain see, feel, and remember the alphabet or other forms.

Montessori for Everyone
Read the articles and blog on Montessori education for homeschoolers or any family.  Download low-cost curriculum materials or purchase as a CD file, made by a Montessori teacher for all age levels.

O.T. Mom Learning Activities
Info on how to help your child develop the following important pre-skills for reading, writing, and movement: fine-motor, coordination, gross motor, hand dominance, mid-line crossing, pencil grasp, and sensory processing. View the photos and instructions for simple activities you can do with your child.

Pattern Block Template
Use this template to print out your own pattern blocks shapes for coloring in or to make your own set of pattern blocks, for math, building and patterning activities.

Pattern Blocks Kits
Purchase pattern blocks form your local educational toy store or online for building, pre-reading and pre-math activities.

Pre-Kinders – Resources for Pre-K Teachers {and for parents at home}
Great lists with demonstration photo and how-to paragraphs for activities in 7 learning areas, including fine motor, literacy, and math activities for young children – for teachers or parents at home.  Offers printables, themes and centers ideas as well.

Fine Motor Skills

Raising a Sensory Smart Child
Find information and activities for helping your child regulate sensory input, output, and mood through use of a ‘sensory diet.’  These auditory, visual, vestibular, tactile, proprioceptive (position in space) taste, and smell activities can be used with any child, but are especially helpful for children who have sensory processing challenges.

See their book here and be sure to print out their sensory preferences checklist under “Creating a Sensory Diet.”

Rhyming Chants, Jingles and Songs
Have fun and help your child learn rhyming and phonemic awareness skills to build pre-reading readiness.

Sensory Integration Activities
Fun activities that are important for every child to develop basic skills but especially useful for children who are stressed by sensory experiences.  Includes sections on tactile, heavy work, vestibular movement, deep pressure, spatial movement, and areas like taste and foods avoidance, sleep issues, and more.

Shirley’s Preschool Activities
Activities for all types of learning for the preschool or young homeschool child

Starting in a Corner
Well-known preschool teacher and presenter Bev Bos offers a digital magazine, blog, books (including her Don’t Move the Muffin Tins) and articles of child-led activities.

Therapy Street for Kids – Pre-writing Skills for Kids
“Certain fundamental skills need to be developed before a child even picks up a pencil.  These include the skills described in these sections: fine motor strength, thumb opposition, crossing the midline pincer grasp, finger isolation, eye-hand coordination,hand arches, bilateral coordination, upper body strength, and in-hand manipulation.  Many children develop these skills naturally, just by being children and doing what children do:  Engage in play. Some children need an extra boost for a variety of reasons.”  Check out these FREE suggestions for pre-writing skills!

Universal Preschool
Online resource for free curriculum and activities for parents who homeschool or want home enrichment for their preschoolers.  Also check out their blog, news, and articles, as well as their research section.