Math Curriculum and Materials

Materials listed below can be used by homeschoolers, math clubs, or with families who want to do extra enrichment at home!

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Math Templates and Tricks - to access websites with interactive online learning for math concepts, to download useful math templates and charts, and get help with tricks for multiplication, and more!

Learning Online – Curriculum
Instruction, Educational Games, and Activities
Differentiated Materials and Programs – All Subjects

Especially Check out: Differentiated Math Materials and Programs

Math Guides

Best Homeschooling Go Figure! The Fascinating World of Mathematics
Lots of articles, book suggestions, activities, programs and resources for the homeschooling family or afterschool enrichment.


Alex “Factoring Fanatic”
If you need help explaining more complex factoring of polynomials, this series of 6 downloadable handouts and a powerpoint file can help!   Nicely illustrated and step-by-step instructions, along with self-discovery built in, can help your student with this sometimes challenging skill.

Hands-On Equations
Purchase the DVD, manipulatives and the booklets for around $100 to take your child through 3 levels of algebraic equations (for grade 3 to grade 9) which use a scale, colored pieces and a grid to help students visualize equations.  Check out youtube videos to see a demo.

Kuta Software Algebra
Download free Algebra 1 worksheets or sign up for unlimited customizable worksheets.

Math Bits Algebra Tiles
View powerpoint on how to make and use your own algebra tiles for teaching concepts through manipulatives.

STEM Centre – Algebra Activity Files
This British website offers tons of resources, such as downloadable pdf lesson plans and curriculum files to teachers (and others) for free.  Scan

Front Cover

Teach Yourself  VISUALLY Algebra By David Alan Herzog
Uses color and illustrations to visually teach readers the concepts; reviews pre-algebra skills such as fractions, as well as introduction to algebra bas

University of Waterloo Math Circles – Simplifying Equations
PDF with help for parents and their children to understand ‘balanced scales’ and how to solve equations.

Books About Math

Ben Hillman Books: How —— Is it? Series
Great books with fun illustrations which get the reader thinking about relative size, strength and speed in these titles: “How Big is It?”  ”How Strong is IT?” “How Fast IT?”

Best Childrens Books List of Kids Books for Teaching Math and Geometry
Look under each of the 14 math topic subsections for lots of book suggestions.


Good Reads Popular Math Books List
Kid’s favorites like “The Doorbell Rang” How Much is a Million?” and for older students, there are books like “Flatland.”

I Hate Mathematics!
Amazon says the book offers “Events, gags, magic tricks, and experiments to change one from a mathematical weakling into a mathematical heavyweight.”

Math Stories List
Good list of books that tell a story of a math concept or other math topic, compiled by Suki Wessling, with parent ‘Dodi’ on Suki’s blog.
Click here for the  article that inspired the list:

Other math books with stories that teach about math:
Greg Tang’s Books (‘Grapes of Math’ and others)
The Librarian Who Measured the Earth

Smarty Pants
From the website: “Mythical little pig eyes, legends, and puzzles are all part of the fun in examining ways to be smart in mathematics.”

Early Learning Math

Jumbo Cuisenaire® Rods Introductory Set

ETA Cuisenaire
Download free lessons/materials for Cuisenaire, Algetiles, or Base 10 blocks OR order other products on their home.

Hap Palmer – Math Songs
Hap Palmer created tons of songs for Math, Language Arts, and child development, which promoted learning through music and movement.  Search through lists of math songs to help children learn concepts and then click on CD’s, Mp3′s, sheet music, and distributors to find the ones you want or check your library for the desired books or sound recordings.

IXL Pre-K Math State Standards List for California
You can use this checklist to learn about age appropriate math skills learning or even use it as a test or screening tool for children aged 2-6.

Kindergarten Readiness and the Cardinal Principal
Tips for encouraging number concepts in young children, including the ‘cardinal principal’ which is the ability to not just count up to a number but to identify a set of objects with its correct amount.

Math Concepts and Skills by Age – by Ann Bowers
Read this article with age-specific skills and activities listed for math concepts and abilities, for ages 1-18.

Math Readers by Patricia J. Murphy
Cut books about puppies and kittens to promote early math concepts such as counting, addition and subtraction, measuring and telling time.




‘Math Their Way’ and ‘Math a Way of Thinking’ by Center for Innovation
This program has been very popular in schools which encourage developmentally appropriate, hands-on learning with real objects. Children learn about patterns, number concepts, attributes, all by sorting, categorizing, and low-tech materials.  Purchase the guide books on their site or other booksellers.

Preview files of the book before purchase here:

Numicon Manipuliatives Philosophy
Learn about Numicon manipulatives and program for early learners (also used for visual or special needs learners.) These materials promote tactile, visual and proprioceptive learning.

Purchase Numicon Kits here:
The only US retailer is the Down Syndrome Education Store.

Parenting Science - Math with manipulatives: Preschool number activities designed to foster your child’s number sense
By Gwen Dewar, Ph.D.
Article with examples and suggestions for easy activities you can make and do with your child to help develop number sense, including one-to-one correspondence, cardinal numbers, conservation of number, and other important early math concepts.






Pre-Kinders Math – Numbers and Counting Activities
Easy-to-make-yourself math activities from objects around the home, (or from inexpensive items) such as ‘jewel’ strings, ‘mystery socks’ ladybug counter, and others – all for children to learn about numbers and counting.  Downloadable number counting books to make are also available.

Pre-Kinders Math – Pattern Block Mats
Find free downloadable mat designs for use with pattern blocks, to build early geometry, spatial, and fractions skills.

Read their brochure here

School Sparks – Math and Number Awareness
Article with some illustrations of early math learning skills and techniques.

Buy their early math illustrated workbook at:

Utah Education Network Pattern Blocks Activities
Print out your own pattern blocks templates, matching worksheets and pattern blocks activities cards, for early learners.

Family Math and Homeschool Math Activities
(see also all other categories!)

Children’s Picture Books – for Math
Good list of books like “Sir Cumference, What’s in a Million, Anno’s Counting Book, The Doorbell Rang, and more!

Cliffs Notes Parents Crash Course Elementary School Math
By David Alan Herzog
Help for parents who need help guiding their children through math assignments

Other ‘Cliffs Notes’ books by David Alan Herzog

Counting Coconuts LEGO Math
A worksheet that isn’t a worksheet! Use the LEGO grid to create math problems and an answer bucket used to post the answers.

Counting Coins – by “I’ve Got Class” blog
Good suggestion for coin ‘tapping’ method to learn and calculate total coin amounts.

E is for Explore – Paper Plate Clock (and other activities)
Find directions on making a clock from two paper plates, with the hours printed on the top plate and the minutes ‘peekable’ on the bottom plate, by lifting fold-up tabs.

Tape Math is here:

Oreo Math is here:







Family Math Book
By Jean Stenmark, Virginia Thompson and Ruth Cossey.  Order through the museum, Amazon, or your favorite bookstore or available in libraries or homeschool resource centers.  Great activities for building concepts in fun family activities.

And for Middle Schoolers: FAMILY MATH: The Middle School Years
Non-intimidating algebra activities for enrichment, algebra class preparation or for homeschool math group.

Figure This!  Math Challenges for Families
Find fun math challenges for families to do together at home, such as predicting (and then checking) which paper tube would hold more popcorn – the one that is 11 inches long and rolled up from the 8 inch side or the 8 inch long paper tube rolled up by the 11 inch side?

Help Your Kids with Math by Dorling Kindersley (DK),,9780756649791,00.html
Good visual resource and instruction book for parents on math concepts and procedures (basic math through Algebra.)

Home School Math
Comprehensive list of math programs and resources: free worksheets, math books and e-books,  ist of online math games & resources, homeschool math curriculum guide, and math teaching articles/lessons.  Parents looking for homeschool math programs or who want to use a program for enrichment beyond the classroom will find suggestions here.

Home School Math Algebra:
Offers extensive list of online resources for algebra: tutorials, lessons, calculators, games, word problems, and books and e-books.

Home School Math Curriculum List and Reviews:

Cover for 'Let's Play Math: How Homeschooling Families Can Learn Math Together, and Enjoy It!'

Let’s Play Math – Blog and Activity Resource (and now a book!)
Check out the blog and tons of other information on every possible math topic.

Also offers books for sale by the webmaster including her “Lets Play Math” e-book, designed for homeschooling math, as well as a list of her favorite math books.

Peruse her Internet List of Resources for math topics and materials:
Here is one of her useful pages:
20 Things to Do with a Hundred Chart:

The Librarian Who Measured the Earth Activity by ‘Almost Unschoolers’
This family website details their reading of this book and activities they did to illustrate how this Greek mathematician measured the circumference of the earth, with step-by-step photos, video link and ‘how-to’ text.

Life of Fred
Program created by a former classroom teacher, this program uses humor and story to explain math concepts.  This program has been recommended by parents of children with Asperger’s and to those who haven’t learned math with other traditional programs.

The Little Brick Schoolhouse
Find activities to do with LEGOS for all subject areas.
Go her for Math Activities:

Living Math!
Shares resources for learning, exploring and enjoying math in a dynamic and holistic manner, for all ages.
Offers articles, reader lists, reviews, lesson plans and suggested learning ideas, games, and math sites.

Living Math: Hands-on, Real Life Math Experiences
Good blog with lists and images of early math tools to have around the house, and lots of resources for math learning – books, hands-on math ideas, home-made manipulatives and games, etc.

Math Delights
Find fun resources, activities, video suggestions and other activities to do or discuss together as a family.






Find standards-based math activities you can make to do at home or in small or school groups, as well as download free printables.

Writing in Mathematics
Find activities and resources to tie writing in with math.
Download templates for many areas of math including these: ten-frame, 100 board, fact families, place value mats, lattice multiplication, 9-lines, fraction circles or squares, function machines, data analysis and more.

2 jars with pom poms

Mixing in Math
Offers ideas for everyday activities that support math learning, as well as free downloadable games and materials, with more products available for sale.

See activity list here:

Teach Mama – Learning in the Every Day
Blog about playing with money: counting, wrapping, and estimating coins.

The Trading Game Money Activity
Find “Race to A Quarter” game you can make yourself with the directions on this site; make a simple poster and get a dollar store divided tray to play the trading game, to learn values of coins.

Platonic Solids (Video on YouTube)
Watch this video to learn how to make various platonic solids (cubes, tetrahedrons, octahedrons, icosahedrons and more) at home with tooth picks and jelly beans.

Gifted Programs and Materials

Art of Problem Solving
Purchase textbooks or take online courses (some fee and some free) for students in grades K-6 who want challenging math curriculum, as well as opportunity to connect through online forum and games.

Hoagies Gifted Education Page – Reading List for Mathematics
Math Fiction Stories, Math Program Books and other topical math books list for varied ages.

NRich – Enriching Mathematics
“Find thousands of our free mathematics enrichment materials (problems, articles and games) for teachers and learners from ages 5 to 19 years. All the resources are designed to develop subject knowledge, problem-solving and mathematical thinking skills.”  Great source for problem-solving activities for students at 5 different skill levels, with the opportunity for problem-solvers to send in their solutions for a chance to be published.  Solutions are open-ended so multiple possibilities are accepted.  View past challenges and their published answers.

Prufrock Press Gifted Resources for Math
Purchase books, ebooks, and workbooks for Gifted Education, Advanced Learning, Twice-Exceptional Learners, and Special Needs Students, with such as “25 Real Life Math Investigations That Will Astound Teachers and Students” and ”Beyond Base Ten : A Mathematics Unit for High-Ability Learners (Grades 3-6).” 

Resources for Science Learning: Open-Ended Math Problems
Created to help prepare middle-school math students for problem-solving on tests, this site offers multiple problems for each month, along with a solution set published (noting that other answers are possible) in the areas of: number theory; measurement; geometry; patterns, algebra, and functions, and data, statistics, and probability.

Math Materials

59 Writing Prompts for Math Teachers {Including parent teachers}
Suggestions for questions to ask math learners or have them respond to these questions in their own math journal.  Helpful for auditory/verbal learners and to help link the verbal for visual/spatial learners.

Abacus Resource
View and download  plans to create an abacus made out of LEGO blocks.

AIMS Essential Math Books
Offers inexpensive Kits with book and CD where “Investigations join with comics, video, and animation to engage students and help them make sense of key mathematical concepts. Includes practice, assessment, and reading in the content area. Each unit is narrowly focused, with sequenced activities providing rich conceptual development.”

Purchase Downloadable ebooks here:
Purchase Downloadable activities (for a small fee) here:

Coin Equivalents Google Document
Download this printable money equivalents sheet for dollar bills.  Each bill has ‘holes’ for the different coins (for example, 10 holes for the dimes equivalent and the nickel one has 20 holes.)

ETA Cuisenaire
Download free lessons/materials for Cuisenaire, Algetiles, or Base 10 blocks OR order other products on their home.

Froebel Gift 3 blocks

Froebel Gifts
11 sets for building and understanding spatial relationships, the Gifts are progressively sequenced in a gradual shift from the concrete idea of solid forms to the abstract idea of “spatial patterns.”

Find geoboards for purchase listed on Amazon or go to your local educational toy or supply store or borrow from a resource center.

Go here to find geoboard activities for younger students

Go here to find geoboard activities for algebra

Graph Paper and Grids (for High School Work)
Online printable templates for graphs, numberlines, scatterplots, trigonometric graph papers, polar graph papers, and more.

Hands-On Equations
Purchase the DVD, manipulatives and the booklets for around $100 to take your child through 3 levels of algebraic equations (for grade 3 to grade 9) which use a scale, colored pieces and a grid to help students visualize equations.  Check out youtube videos to see a demo.

Leaping From the Box (Math Resources)
Good list of Math resources by level – books, materials, etc.

Logic Books for Math

Math Bits
Some free, as well as subscription activities for students, families, and classroom teachers that are challenging but enjoyable and easy to make.

Math for Girls and Other Problem-Solvers
Berkeley Lawrence Hall of Science Handbook with atypical math class activities to interest and challenge both sexes with fun games, problem-solving, logic, spatial challenges, as well as math career awareness.

Math Line
This is a great tool – a large rod with colored rings which the user slides along the math line – for all basic operations and other skills such as money, rounding, and more.  This tool is relatively inexpensive  (under $20) and engages the student through tactile, visual, movement and logic.  Buy the larger one with four lines to do decimals, fractions and percents.  Also offers free downloadable or viewable powerpoints, videos and sample lessons.

Money Instructor – Printable Play Money
Use these realistic printouts to cut out and use for money activities – includes bills and coins.

Mr. R.’s World of Math and Science
View, read, listen to, manipulate online, or download Math Resources for learning and remembering math concepts, rules, and procedures through poems, songs, and videos, such as “Hypotenuse” rhyme or “Numerator” songs.  (Also offers Science as well.)

Origami and Math Books
(Gr. 2-3)
(Gr. 4-6)
Purchase Scholastic Books that teach math skills through origami (or paper folding.)

Read/Write/Think – Math Journals Resources
Find resources to help you help your child create math journals, to visualize and discuss math concepts and procedures, as well as to facilitate concept development, logic, and math language.

Silver Burdett Mathematical Dictionary
A dictionary of mathematical terms from abacus to zero, with illustrations, diagrams, and cross-references.  Search libraries, bookstores or used books sources for this helpful resource.

The Super Source® Pattern Blocks Kits

Pattern Blocks Kits
Purchase pattern blocks form your local educational toy store or online for building, pre-reading and pre-math activities.

Polydron™ Sets

Offers a geometric educational program through manipulative building blocks.  Download catalog or buy products online.

Vi-Hart Balloons – Platonic Solids (Geometry)
View pics and diagrams on how to make 5 different types of platonic solids, as well as snub, tangles, hyperbolic, and fractals, with balloons.

Wonder Number Learning System
Learn about and purchase this specialized number game board that is used to teach patterns and relationships between numbers, including their factors, multiples, and squares through a variety of games which build pattern recognition.  It is a relatively inexpensive way to play and learn number patterns that help with multiplication and division facts, factoring, fraction work and more.

Photo: Creator 1
Zome Tool Building System
Find out about the block system that teaches mathematical, geometric, design, and architectural concepts.  Purchase sets or books, share your photos and creations with others, get free downloads of models to build, computer programs, and other resources.  Sets can also be purchased by toy and online sellers.

Check out their resources section for free downloadable Geometry Book, lesson plans, and Challenge Cards OR purchase hard copies online:

Math Programs and Textbooks

Web-based, computer program which uses adaptive questioning to determine exactly what a student knows and doesn’t know in a course and then provides demonstration and practice.  Classroom or home use, at the students own pace.

Conceptua Math Fractions
Very low monthly fee for software that teaches complete elementary fraction skills in a visual, multiple-models method with visual ‘scaffolding’ for initial study of the concept that eventually drops away to just the number problems.

CSMP Comprehensive School Mathematics Program
This free downloadable math lesson book series offers lower and upper primary students a very different math instruction from most books, with chapters titled things like “The languages of strings and arrows” and with activities and explanations which seem to be geared toward gifted, or at least accessible to analytical, visual, and auditory/story learners.

Douglas Downing “The Easy Way” Math Series
Amazon’s Collection click here

OR (search for title above)
Popular series for algebra, trigonometry, and more.  It reads more like a story with clever ways to look at the material.  Many parents recommend it for Asperger’s or more auditory learners, rather than visual spatial learners. Look for it at Amazon or other book stores.

Geometer’s Sketchpad
Offers relatively inexpensive computer software and i-pad app for math program from 3-12 grades, which uses visually interactive software to teach math concepts and calculation.

Click on ‘purchase’ to place an order for home use or go to

Harold Jacobs Textbooks
Read about and purchase Mathematics: A Human Endeavor and upper level math texts, entitled Elementary Algebra and Geometry: Seeing, Doing, Understanding, which all emphasize constant review with creative learning and “engaging text with its use of meaningful illustrations and references to culture, literature and art.”  Also offered are teacher texts and book of test masters for each textbook.

Karis Math
This program is downloadable from their website for a very small fee for each set of ‘flash animated’ lesson and worksheet sections.  It uses a highly visual method, almost without needing verbal instructions, teaching through scaffolding: highest visual content moving toward three other levels of less visual scaffolding as the child builds his/her ability  (and also then is customizable for each student by adding in or taking out certain scaffolding levels.  You can also view free videos adapted from their downloadable program (see below.)

Karis Math Free Video Lessons
Videos are based on the downloadable flash lessons and worksheets (see above for more information.)

Key To…Series Workbooks
(Also available at Kaleidoscope) Offers step-by-step, easy to follow, few problems per page, help for students with LD or for basic intro or review of fractions, decimals, measurement, percents, geometry, metric measurement, and algebra.

Kumon Math and Reading Programs
866-586-6622 (for local centers and materials) This program focuses on worksheet practice with repetition of skills and concepts.

Making Math Real DVD and training program for parents/teachers:
Learn how to teach your child math at home.  Highly regarded program for parents and teachers, learning to help children develop concepts with use of manipulatives.

Math Mammoth
Offers comprehensive worktexts and workbooks for K-12th grade math subjects, used by homeschoolers (check out homeschool buyers coop for group discounts) and others.  Download free samples from the website.

‘Math Their Way’ and ‘Math a Way of Thinking’ by Center for Innovation
This program has been very popular in schools which encourage developmentally appropriate, hands-on learning with real objects. Children learn about patterns, number concepts, attributes, all by sorting, categorizing, and low-tech materials.  Purchase the guide books on their site or other booksellers.

Preview files of the book before purchase here:
MTW Blackline Masters – downloadable:

DVD lessons with manipulatives
Popular and effective lower cost complete instructional program, using manipulatives that help the student to visualize concepts. Teaching videos, teacher guides, student workbooks, placement tests, etc.

McGraw Hill SRA Real Math
“Grades PreK-6, makes mathematics real for students by building on what students already know and learn outside the math classroom and incorporating essential skills and concepts through exciting and relevant applications.”

Miquon Math
Uses manipulatives (Cuisenaire rods) observation, investigation, and the discovery of patterns through workbooks which assist in exploration of mathematical relationships.

Montessori Math
Detailed online downloadable pdf with instructions on teaching math concepts and procedures, with visuals.

Right Start Abacus
Right Start Mathematics uses the AL Abacus to provide a visual, auditory, and kinesthetic experience in learning math.

Saxon Math and Reading Programs
Parents like these traditional textbooks as they circle back around with review to keep skills sharp.

Kit II books, CD, and manipulatives

Shiller Math
“Montessori-based math program with auditory, kinesthetic, tactile and visual learning.  It  teaches whole math knowledge – not just the facts.”


Singapore Math (for overview of program)
Highly visual math textbooks, illustrating concepts and procedures, with minimal text on primary books.

Purchase at:
Best Edu Source
5820 Cannes Pl
San Jose, CA 95138
Ph: 408-624-1434
Singapore Math supplier and other Educational supplies

Watch Singapore math instruction videos here:

The 10 by 10 board with number blocks 1-10 arranged to form a staircase shape

Stern Math – Structural Mathematics
Program works to build a foundation for math built on number sense for children from Pre-K to fourth grade. “Pupils experiment with colorful wooden blocks that fit into boxes and grooves. The approach is based on reasoning and insight into mathematical relationships, not on rote learning and counting.”

Click here to read an article by Judy R. Birsch on the theory and practice of Stern Math

Teaching Textbooks
Used by homeschoolers and others, students can use the workbooks or a CD set with math lesson videos to learn concepts and solve problems, as well as use other CD’s to help them when they can’t solve a problem or did it incorrectly.  Levels go from Level 3 up to Pre-Calculus.

Multiplication Methods (see also Math Charts, Templates and Tricks)

Brownie Forest Multi-Pies
A way to play while learning your times tables, with folded paper ‘pies’ you make yourself.  Pinch the triangles together and cover up the answer and then test yourself or a friend.

Multiples in Minutes
Inexpensive book uses rhyming words, pictures, stories, and activities to teach the times tables using several teaching modalities.

Right Brain Math
Purchase the relatively inexpensive DVD and book to teach math facts through a visual/spatial technique for ‘right brain learners’.

Purchase book and DVD here:

Problem-Solving and Puzzles

Ars Calcula Mental Math Tricks
Explanations on how to use tricks to mentally figure out problems of all operations, often by doing the opposite operation or thinking about a smaller problem.  Learn how to do “Casting Out Nines,”  ”Multiplying by Using Base Numbers” and many more!

Field Learning Assessment Guide: Math ‘Convincing and Proving’
Good sets of mathematical problems offered for students to decide whether they are sometimes, always, or never true, and then must give examples that prove why they decided the way they did.  Solutions are included.

Figure This!  Math Challenges for Families
Find fun math challenges for families to do together at home, such as predicting (and then checking) which paper tube would hold more popcorn – the one that is 11 inches long and rolled up from the 8 inch side or the 8 inch long paper tube rolled up by the 11 inch side?

View their Challenge Index here:

Plus Teacher Package: Rational and Irrational Numbers
Challenging number puzzles and fascinating explanations of math in the real world, such as “The magical mathematics of music — Why do some notes go better together than others? It’s thanks to fractions!”

Plus Magazine Puzzles
Find challenging puzzles, perhaps for older, more experienced, or gifted students.

Problem Solving Resources List
Links to websites with problem-solving activities, brain teasers, logical thinking & puzzles, and other resources.

Videos on Math topics

Between the Folds
Watch this film online or on Netflix to see how origami and paper-folding are a form of geometric math.  An ”Award–winning documentary, Between the Folds, chronicles the stories of ten fine artists and intrepid theoretical scientists who have abandoned careers and scoffed at hard–earned graduate degrees—all to forge unconventional lives as modern–day paperfolders.”  For those who are interested in the science, art, and theory of paper-folding, this film is full of amazing and thought-provoking issues, including topics in geometry and medicine.

The Futures Channel
Short movies on math topics related to art, engineering, baking, computers, and more – with titles like “100,000 Computers a Day,” “Bats,” and “Bicycle Design.”

Math Delights – List of Math Videos
Find suggestions for math videos such as “Flatland” and “The Story of 1″

Math in the Movies
Find lists of family movies (parents should check them out first for appropriate content) that include a scene or topic about math, with information, worksheets, and the topics covered in each film or clip.

Math Movies by Mr. Avery’s Classroom Blog
Watch student-made videos about area and perimeter, how to calculate elapsed time, and parts of a fraction.  This is a good example of a different kind of learning that happens when children have the opportunity to explain what they have learned in a fun way and it might spur your child to do the same!

Mr. Numbers Right Brain Math Videos – on YouTube
Misternumbers Right Brain Math
Watch videos that explain Tom Biesanz’ right brain technique for finding patterns for memorizing times tables.

Powers of Ten - Based on the film by Charles and Ray Eames
“Powers of Ten” demonstrates the powers of ten and the rapidity of increasing the powers, by starting at a “picnic in Chicago, and moving to the outer edges of the universe.”

STEM Centre (Science – Technology – Engineering – Math)
Watch videos on math uses or careers, math activities, or modeling math concepts.  Also on this site is support for teachers, math curriculum development, and information on all STEM academic areas.

Vi Hart Math Videos
Fun and cool videos on “Doodling in Math Class,” Pythagoras, and many others.

Workbooks and Worksheets

Kuta Software Algebra
Download free Algebra 1 worksheets or sign up for unlimited customizable worksheets.

Make it Real Learning – Math Books
Workbooks that teach basic math and pre-algebra topics such as decimals, fractions, and percents, as well as high-level math such as Calculus, with real-life situations such as shopping sales, buying a cell-phone, baking cookies, travel, and more.

Free printable worksheets (with answer sheets) from this online site on all basic math and algebra skills, including number sense, decimals and percents, integers, order of operations, and much more.

Print out worksheets on most math and algebra skills.

Super Teachers Worksheets
Select the math topic from the Math Worksheets Menu and choose from a wide selection of good worksheets for specific skills under each topic.

Teaching Image Maths Worksheets
Offers comprehensive selection of free downloadable worksheets, with topics and formats not usually found with other worksheets, such as finding coordinates and handling data.