Television, Video/DVD & Media

Parents – please preview television programs before your child watches them; also consider watching with them to answer difficult questions when they come up.

Read about the FCC’s Consumer Facts on Children’s Educational Television here


Apple i-Tunes Pocast
{It is not easy to search for audio podcasts on i-tunes} Scroll down to “choose a subject” and click on i-Tunes Favorites or click here: iTunes Picks: Podcasts
Once on the favorites, do a search for audio podcasts in the top  right box; on the page that comes up, find PODCASTS at the top and then click on the tiny “see all.”  Click on any shows that interest you and then a page will open with all the episodes of that show, by date aired.  Most APM and NPR radio show podcasts are free to download. Choose from Science Friday, Learn French (or other languages) or many other television, educational, news, and talk show podcasts.  To search for all NPR or all APM radio shows, once on the ‘favorites’ page, just enter the acronym in the search bar above and a few will show up; then click on ‘see all’ to see the whole list of shows available for those stations.

Telecourses and Instruction

A+ Educational Videos

Annenberg Media Project
Educational video programs and complete courses, with coordinated Web and print materials for the K-12 teachers and also for viewers at home. Resources can be accessed for FREE at the site or can be purchased through online or by calling 1-800-LEARNER. Online streaming, telecourses, and DVD’s.

Cable in the Classroom
Tape or watch educational shows and get online resources for activities related to the shows.

Cabrillo Community College course catalog (for distance, telecourse or online courses)

Destinos - By Annenberg
Complete Spanish language instruction in a ‘Telenovela’ style

Standard Deviants (Cerebellum Corportation)
Purchase DVD’s to use as a video teaching tool at home or school, for most subject areas (and their sub-topics) as well as for many age levels.  Get accompanying CD’s for complete lessons and practice on many of the video topics.

Teach with Movies – Parent/Teacher Study Guides
View 6 free sample teaching guides and/or for a small yearly fee, get access to over 300 teaching/parent guides for movies for elementary and older students.

Teacher Tube
Search by grade levels, topics, frequently watched, and other categories, for educational videos on science, history, journalism, arts, career and technology, and more.

The Teaching Company Great Courses
Purchase CD’s and DVD’s of high school and college courses in all subjects to learn at home or in the car!  Taped lectures of respected teachers and professors are presented for an entire course.  Look for their specials, buy from E-Bay or check out at local libraries.

You Tube – EDU
Search by academic subject to find educational and instruction videos by teachers.

Television Channels (Educational)

The Biography Channel

Book and C-SPAN
Each weekend, Book TV features 48 hours of nonfiction books from Saturday 8:00 AM to Monday 8:00 AM ET.

Discovery Channel
View educational science and nature programs and receive online support for viewing

Free Teacher Resources
accompanying lesson plans

Discovery Kids Channel
for games, activities, TV schedule, and videos online

Discovery Network Channels

Animal Planetweekly schedule here
Science – weekly schedule here
Discovery Health – weekly schedule here
Planet Greenweekly schedule here
Also view videos online

History Channel
Info about shows, schedule, and games, topics and magazine

History International
Schedule here

Military Channel
View shows on
Battles and History

Watch Live online or view events, launches, discussions, interviews, presentations by scientists, videos of orbits, and satellite image viewing
See Schedule here:

National Geographic
See Schedule here:

National Geographic Explorer

PBS TV Stations
Check schedules for KQED and KTEH televised programs

Lesson plans to accompany viewing PBS programs

PBS Children’s Programs

Mister Rogers – for Parents and Teachers
Find this week’s theme, your local TV schedule for the show, and further activities and resources for kids and parents on the theme.

PBS Telecourses: – check your local PBS  TV Schedule or Shop PBS

KTEH - South Bay and Monterey Bay Area

Video and DVD Sources

National Geographic Online Store
Purchase your favorite nature, science, or geography videos.

Subscription video rental service has many educational videos; search for Nova, National Geographic, Reading Rainbow or others listed on the pdf below

PBS – Shop
Purchase educational or high interest videos previously broadcast on PBS channels, such as Mister Rogers, NOVA, Ken Burns, and many others.

Suggested Educational Video / DVD List

NOTE:  Some may not be easily available.  Do a search for the title online, find them at your local library or bookstore, get them on Netflix, A+ Video, or other subscription services, or check Shop PBS online, Shop BBC America, or to purchase:

Find more info and links at:

Educational Television Lists:

Edudemic’s List of Educational TV Shows
Descriptions and images of 30 TV shows that are educational (some may be off the air but available elsewhere)

Homeschool Diner’s Audio/Visual Learning Materials
List of DVD’s and other audio/visual learning suggestions

Yahoo Directory of Science Television Shows

Annenberg Project – All Subjects

Educational Series – Alphabetical (by Nancy)

Bill Nye the Science Guy
Use these episode guides to find specific videos from libraries
Go here to purchase videos

Children’s Television Workshop and Sesame Street Videos
See clips from the shows online or search your library or movie rental source for these shows

Connections DVD Set (at Shop PBS)
“Popular thinker James Burke turns his investigative skills toward “The Web” of history in this dazzling series, demonstrating how seemingly unrelated events have spurred social and technological changes.”

Intimate Universe: The Human Body
Available at the Santa Cruz Public Library: 4 Episodes – Lifestory, First Steps, Brain Power, The End of Life

Jack Hanna’s Animal Adventures

Ken Burns videos (Including Ken Burn’s Baseball, The Civil War, Jazz, America, and many more)
See complete IMDB list here

Kratt’s Creatures

Magic School Bus

National Geographic Explorer

Newton’s Apple

NOVA (PBS Program List) shows are available on local PBS stations

NOVA (Shop PBS List) find many great science videos there

Reading Rainbow – PBS program about children’s books.

School House Rock – many videos on language, spelling, grammar, etc.

Sister Wendy’s Story of PaintingComplete Collection - excellent art history series

Sports Illustrated for Kids

Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?

Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?

Educational Videos – by Subject (Suggested by Loree McKague)
Click on each link to see episode list or other info


America: The Story of US (American History)

The Color of War / WW I and WW II

Engineering an Empire (World History)

A History of Britain (BBC)

Monarchy (BBC) British History

The Presidents


Adventures of Young Indiana Jones (documentaries)


The Blue Planet

Great Migrations (by National Geographic)

Earth (by Discovery Channel)



Planet Earth

Sea Monsters – A Prehistoric Adventure

Walking with Dinosaurs

When Earth Erupts

Winged Migrations


The Elegant Universe

How the Universe Works

Steven Hawkings Universe

Through the Wormhole (Science Channel – Physics)

Wonders of the Solar System


Films and Movie Lists

Children and Teen Movie Lists

Amazon’s Documentary/Children & Family List
Go to “Search.”  Select “Movies and DVD’s” in the drop-down menu, type “documentary” in the long search box next to that, and then hit enter, then select “Kids and Family” under the “Genre” section in the left-side toolbar.  You will get a list of family documentaries, from which you can purchase, stream or find elsewhere!

Lists of films with all or partial ASL, as well as other sign-languages, and a list of film festivals for the deaf.

Documentaries List by Amazon  - click here

New York Times 100 Recommend Childrens Movies
Pretty good list but some may not be appropriate for your child and teen – parents may want to preview first.

New York Library’s List of 50 Children’s Documentaries

Historical Films

Fordham University’s Modern History in the Movies List
Listed by historical periods, with information about each film; some titles may be hard to locate.

The History Place
“Films in a historical setting that move, inspire, inform and make great entertainment. Chosen by The History Place and made available for instant purchase from!”

Skokie Public Library’s Teen List of Books Made into Movies

World Cat Genres -Historical Movies lists
Lists of  movies about people, places, and  historical periods, for children and teens.

YALSA Young Adult Library Services Association
Fabulous Films for Young Adults List
“Each year, the Fabulous Films for Young Adults committee selects a list of films around a theme that will appeal to young adults in a variety of library settings. Titles will be selected to appeal to young adults with varied tastes and interests.”  Check current year’s list as well as previous years lists.