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Choices for Learning: Tutoring, Consulting and Parent Tutor Workshops by Nancy Winans
I offer individualized Tutoring for K-12th grade students with autism, learning disabilities, (dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia) and for those who are typical, atypical or 2E learners, including many homeschoolers with special needs or learning variations.  After determining each student’s preferred methods of learning, I use a multi-modal approach for Math, Reading, Writing, & Language Comprehension, utilizing manipulatives, pictures & charts, stories, journaling, and games, as well as adapting materials to each child’s needs.  My goal is to  build a working relationship based on positive feedback to the student.  I have also created many individualized templates and mnemonic devices especially for my students to help in memorization of facts, understanding concepts and vocabulary and for doing procedures.  Consulting is also available to educate parents in ways to help their children with reading and math curriculum or learning goals, or to help them in homeschooling their unique or special needs child.  Additionally, I offer Learning Choices Workshops for small groups or homeschooling parent groups.

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