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Articles on Homeschooling
Legal Information

A to Z’s Home’s Cool – Beginning to Homeschool
Articles, links, videos, resources and tips.

A to Z’s California Charter School Homeschool List

California Homeschool Network
Basic information, articles, FAQ’s, and much more.

click here for their How to Homeschool Step-by-Step Guide

Common Misinformation Promulgated by Public School Officials

Homefires – Ways to Homeschool in California
Article on different ways to homeschool

HomeSchool Association of California
Basic Information on starting homeschool, special needs, gifted, teens, legal issues and more.

HSLDA – Information by State
Sections are: My State, Laws, Legislation, Organizations, Member resources, Cases, and News.

List of Homeschooled People (by Wikipedia)

Private School Affidavit (previously known as an R4 Affadavit)
Registration website for parents who want to officially register with the state that they are privately homeschooling on their own, as well as for those private programs who offer independent homeschool programs and must register.

Reasons for Homeschooling Lists:

Reasons for Homeschooling (by Nancy Winans) pdf

Sandra Dodd’s List

10 Reasons to Homeschool Your Children