Car, Road, and World Schooling

A to Z Home’s Cool – Traveling Homeschoolers
Check out their almost 50 websites or resources, including articles, family travel blogs, information on home exchanges, online groups to support traveling homeschoolers, tours, car games, and other resources.

Bright Kids at Home
Ideas on how to blend homeschool study and travel, with a nice chart as an example, with links to a blog and photo journal about the travels.

Find blog, lists of car travel necessities, and find suggestions for educational and fun activities appropriate for families traveling near or far via an ezine.  Or to get all the resources in one place, purchase the book “Carschooling by Diane Flynn Keith (also known from her website, ‘Clickschooling’) Activities are anything from drawing on the car windows with erasable markers to car dancing, to a new version of an old song, now called ’100 bottles of Juice on the Wall’ which incorporates adding and subtracting while singing.

Families on the Road
Information and resources on how to ‘roadschool’ including legal issues, suggestions and resources for academic learning and activities on the road, and resources for homeschooling and online learning.  There is an interesting link on their site to ‘World Schooling’ for ‘location-independent’ families.

Soul Travelers
Blog by an unschooling family from Santa Cruz, CA about their travels in Europe and beyond – includes photos, videos, book lists, and more.