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California Department of Education Private School Affidavit (previously known as an R4 Affadavit)
Registration website for parents who want to officially register with the state that they are privately homeschooling on their own, as well as for those private programs who offer independent homeschool programs and must register.  Families who privately homeschool must fill out the online forms to register their “school.”  If parents are unable to fill out the form online or for those who start homeschooling before the next filing date, there is a paper form that can be requested; scroll down to the bottom of this page to read how to request the paper affidavit form.

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Private Schools Frequently Asked Questions:

Schooling at Home section:
Info about laws and rules in relation to: compulsory education, the Private School Affidavit, reporting to local school district, reports, curriculum, testing, and other questions.

Private Schools and the Private School Affidavit
Everything you need to know about the Affidavit!

California Department of Education – Homeschooling Allowed in California
Schools Chief Jack O’Connell’s statement on court r
uling that Home Schooling is allowed under California law.

California Homeschool Network – Legal Options in California

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Filing a Statement in Lieu – Filing after October 15th
Explains the Legal Information regarding filing after the filing date by creating your own “Statement in Lieu” form, which theoretically protects homeschooling parents from any local truancy actions.

Direct Link to download Sample SIL form here:

Charter Schools and Inclusion Sites – find information on implementing
special education in Charter Schools

California Department of Education Information

Special Education Requirements and Including Students with Disabilities in Charter Schools
Download this handbook about Charter Schools and Special Education

Homeschool Association of California

Legal 101

Private School Option

Private School Affidavit: HSA legal advice on filing
Cites information on filing after October 15th and what parents should do to protect themselves by following the private school statutory requirements.

Homeschool Association of California – Homeschooling Special Needs
Section on  aspects of homeschooling special needs children.

Legal Aspects of homeschooling special needs children

Legal Aspects of Pulling Your Special Needs Child Out of School

Homeschool Legal Defense Association

HSLDA analysis of California laws on homeschooling

HSLDA Information on Equal Access to Public School Activities

Special Needs Children {and legal issues}
By Linda J. Conrad Jansen, Esq.
Homeschool Association of California