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Support for Learning – Special Needs (All Sections)
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How can Parents Help with Learning Challenges?

Almaden Valley Christian School
Sharon Hensley, M.A., Director
16465 Carlson Dr., Morgan Hill, CA
(408) 776-6691
Offers home education service for families of children with learning differences, difficulties and disabilities.  Provides information, consulting and resources to parents teaching their children at home.

Books on tape: Reading for the Blind and Dyslexic
Get K-12 textbooks, college textbooks and adult fiction and non-fiction books on ‘tape’ (system can be tapes, special reading machines or on computer)  for children and adults with dyslexia, blindness, visual processing disorders, learning disabilities, or other physical disability which impairs the person’s ability to see, read, process, or access books.  Must have evaluation by physician or other specialist to qualify.  Can be free or low fee.

Bringing your Special Needs Child Home (Article for Homeschool Association of California)
By Lenore Colacíon Hayes

California Department of Rehabilitation
1350 41st Ave. Ste. #101, Capitola
Provides services to teens and young adults with qualifying disability, toward the goal of employment, including: transition services for teens with IEP’s, ‘Workability’ program (paid job exploration for teens with IEP’s;) funding for books and materials; and funding and tuition for vocational skills training, technical school, community college, trade school or 2-yr and 4-yr college education.   Homeschooled studentes are eligible.

Charter Schools and Inclusion Sites – find information on implementing
special education in Charter Schools

California State Information
‘Primers’ site:

Homeschool Diner (special needs section)

Homeschooling Kids with Disabilities
Comprehensive site with alphabetical listings and resources for every type of disability need.

LD Online Article-Homeschooling and Students in Special Education: Sorting Out the Options for Parents By Jane Duffy
Cites statistics, options, resources, types of consultants, and personal stories of successful homeschooling special needs families.

Learning Abled Kids (teaching bright kids at home)
Check out their comprehensive list of disabilities with articles, information, and resource and website
See their bookstore offerings:

See the tutorial below: Multi-sensory Instruction and Learning Styles Self-Paced Tutorial

Sue Patrick’s Workbox System
Offers training and consulting in implementing a teaching system to reduce organizational time and increase self-control, independence and learning for children with Autism, ADD ADHD, and Large Home School Families, and which can complement your existing program.