Self-Directed Learning

Anyone, at any time in their life can create their own path for learning and for finding joyful and meaningful activities.  This can include anything you can imagine: learning through reading, viewing online videos, volunteering, being mentored, real-life experiences, doing your own research, starting a business, playing, learning language and culture via internet talks with someone on the other side of the world, and teaching yourself anything you are interested in learning about!

See Especially:

Unschooling – Resources for self-directed and self-taught learning

Creating a Learning Program

Community Learning - for activities, volunteering, libraries, special interest groups, and more

Enrichment and Curriculum – activities that can easily be done at home

Online Learning – for educational websites, online courses, reference sites, videos, and blogs

Learning Choices Lists and Charts – for ideas about how to best accommodate your learning needs

And a choice can even be to take a class at the local Community College or an extension class through the UC system!

Check out these specific resources below:

Beach High School
5520 Old San Jose Road, Soquel, CA 95073
Individualized self-study and alternative high school program, consulting, and diploma program offered
“Beach High School offers teenagers an opportunity to gain the freedom to pursue their authentic interests and develop their natural talents outside of a traditional high school.”

Homeschool Diner’s Guide to Self-Directed Learning: Independent Research for Homeschoolers
by Julie Shepherd Knapp, copyright 2006
Many good resources for doing research on the web and elsewhere.
See Also:

Self-Directed Learning
Find information and support for becoming a self-directed learner, (and there are 5 types listed on the site) as well as order the ‘Self-Directed Learning Handbook’.

With a Thiel grant, Dale Stephens has started a movement for ‘unschooling’ college, which can include ‘learning by doing’ or real-life learning, as well as other types of learning, along with de-emphasizing traditional classroom learning in colleges.

See a video with Dale speaking to CNN here

Read an article on CNN here

ZTC Zero Tuition College
“Free website that supports self-directed learners who are purposefully skipping college. We connect students with experienced mentors, with each other, and with inspiring assignments.”