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Children’s Bill of Rights
Needs of All Children
Nurturing and Facilitating Learning
Articles on Homeschooling
Creating a Learning Program

Learning Choices Lists and Charts

What Choices do I Have?
Needs Based Model
Educational Options Scenarios
Curriculum Example for Individualized Programs
Types of Learning
Suggestions for Learners Based on Learning Profile
Reasons for Homeschooling
Ways to Demonstrate What You Have Learned

Home-based Learning – Complete Section

Enrichment and Curriculum

Arts, Crafts, and Music
Books, Magazines & Guides
Computer Software
Curriculum / Distance Learning / Independent Study Programs
Early Childhood
Family Activities, Toys, and Games
Foreign and Sign Language
Libraries, Reference, and Guides
Math Curriculum and Materials
Reading and Language Arts
Science and Social Studies
Television, Video, DVD

Useful Lists and Charts

Math Charts, Templates and Tricks
Language Arts Charts and Lists
Science Charts and Lists


Basic Information
Homeschool Paths to College
Legal Information
Online Homestudy Programs
Private Programs
Public Charter Programs
Public School Homestudy Programs
Special Needs

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Community Learning

General and Guides
Clubs, Interest, and Service Groups
Mentoring and Apprenticeships
Museums, Aquariums, Zoos, & Amusements
Parks and Recreation
Volunteer Work
World Wide Learning
Youth Activities and Groups
Academic Activities
Activity and Community Guides
Arts and Crafts
Athletic and Sports Programs
Music and Performing Arts
Outdoor Education and Science
Special Interest, Internships, Competitions and Fairs
Summer Camps and Programs
Youth Groups

Online Learning

Books and Magazines
Instruction, Educational Games, and Activities
Libraries, Dictionaries, Reference, and News

Support for Learning

About Public Education
Alternative Learning and Educational Change
Creating a Learning Program
Gifted Learners
Learning Styles, Learning Differences & Multiple Intelligences
Standards, Assessment, and Testing
Videos, Films, and other Media on Education

Support for Special Needs
Differentiated Materials and Programs – All Subjects
Differentiated Math Materials and Programs
Differentiated Reading and Language Arts Materials and Programs

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