Language Arts Charts and Lists

Graphic Organizers for Writing

Freeology Graphic Organizers
Great templates for character study, pros and cons, idea wheels, storyboard, column Venn diagram, concrete detail chart, timelines, flow charts, 5 senses note chart, and much more.  Click on each of the 10 pages to find many templates on each page.

Read, Write, Think Mind Maps
Mind maps/templates for organizing thinking and writing: character map, concept map, essay map, K-W-L (‘know, want to know, learned’) persuasion map, Venn Diagram and others.

Read, Write, Think Writing Organizers
Acrostic poems, book reviews, and the RAFT writing template (Role/Audience, Format, Topic)

Language Arts Charts and Lists

AdvanceAbility Teacher’s Guide to Pronouncing Sounds Correctly
Directions for teachers and parents on correct phonemic way to show children how to “sound out” words when reading.

Affixes: the Building Blocks of English (Learn word add-ons: prefixes and suffixes)

Click on Common Homonyms Listto see the list

Conjunctions by Grammar Revolution

Dolch Sight Words – Pre-primer

Dolch Full 220 Word List

Enchanted Learning – Homophones / Homonyms List

English Conjunctions – by Linda Bryson
Lists, examples, and explanations about conjunctions

Lists of Grammar Lists

Phonemic Awareness / Pre-Reading Skills
This list is just a reference for kinds of skills (like hearing the order of sounds in words, rhyming words, left to right movement, etc.) needed for reading – these do NOT have to be accomplished by the years listed.  Try to do activities (like rhyming, matching games, clapping games, songs, and more) that help children learn these skills.

Phonics World Chart of Phonics Worksheets
Chart and worksheets for Consonants, Digraphs, Short Vowels, Long Vowels, Vowel Digraphs, RControlled Vowels and Consonant

Sounds of English and the International Phonetic Alphabet
Includes all the phonemes, with the phonetic alphabet symbol, two word examples and audio pronunciation of each word,

The Suffix / Prefix Machine- ‘The Fixer’

Word Shapes Worksheets for Spelling Words
Make your own customizable and printable word boxes for words on your spelling list – good for visual/spatial learners who remember words by their shape.

Pre-Reading and Writing Skills and Games Lists

Family Learning Pre-Reading Skills Games
List of simple games that give children the visual, perceptual and memory skills to prepare them for reading

Pre-Writing Skills List
Timeline and suggested activities listed by year for pre-writing skills development.