Math Charts, Templates and Tricks

Math Charts

Algebra Cheat Sheet Chart
List of every operation, property, and function, as well chart on factoring and solving formulas, and common algebra errors explained.

Slope Formula

Basic Algebra Formulas
Laws of Exponents, Multiplying Polynomial Formulas, Special Factoring Formulas, Quadratic Equation Formulas, and Pythagorean Theorem

Cool Math’s Polyhedra Chart – (Solids/3-dimensional figures)
Click on this colorful chart to read more about each solid figure.

Fraction to Decimal Conversion Chart

Helping with


Geometry Vocabulary

How to Calculate Percentages

Place Value

Times Facts by Number
1x through 6x:

7x though 12x:


Illustrated Math Dictionary by Enchanted Learning

Fraction to Decimal Conversion Chart

Mathematical Symbols Chart by Wikipedia

Math Formulas

Math Glossary of Terms

Maths is Fun:

Algebra Definitions

Order of Operations (PEMDAS)

Intro to Algebra – Chart of Basic Rules for Solving Equations

Pythagoreum Theorem (or Pythagoras’ Theorem)
Offers illustrated, clear explanations, and demonstration (including 2 proofs)  of this theorem involving right triangles.

Math Operations Chart Fraction to Decimal Conversion Chart

Powers and Exponents
Animated demonstration of powers, chart on exponents of 10, and interactive calculator for powers.

Powers of Ten Chart

Theorems and Postulates for Geometry by Regents Exam Prep Center
Chart of general theorems and those for angles, triangles, parallels, quadrilaterals, and circles.

ThinkZone Area and Volume Formulas
Simple explanations and illustrations for area of plane figures and surface areas and volumes of solids – free and downloadable.

ThinkZone Number Sets
Free downloadable chart on numbers and number sets (Real and Complex) with venn diagram, numberlines, and properties.

What does one TRILLION Dollars Look LIke?
Good visuals for picturing this huge amount!

Whole Numbers and Basic Properties
Rules, explanations and examples about using whole numbers and their properties, including, place value, expanded form, ordering, rounding, divisibility tests, order of operations, and the properties: Commutative, Associative, Distributive, Zero Property of Addition, and Multiplicative Identity.

Interactive Math Skills

Algebra Balance Interactive
Click on the variable blocks and integer blocks to balance the scale and learn about solving algebraic equations.

Algebra Equations Interactive by Math Playground
Model and solve algebra 1- and 2-step equations using a “balanced scale” interactive game.

Ambleside School Math Practice Activities

Big Calculator
Easy to use large calculator buttons for basic operations.

Move the hands backward or forward as many times 1, 5, or 15 minutes or 1 hour ahead or back, as you like to see the new time.

‘The Decifractor’
Use this large, colorful ‘machine’ to find equivalent decimals for fractions, create your own fractions, or look for patterns as you increase or decrease the numerator or denominator.

Function Machine
Play with different operations on numbers and try to guess the answer before you click on the ‘activate’ button.

Multiplication Chart Practice
‘Grab bars’ to cover the chart to practice multiplication math facts.

Multiplication Trees Practice

Use this interactive numberline to practice skip-counting, math facts, or to visualize any type of numberline (including decimals) and customize it by starting number, increment, and by ‘hiding’ points on the line.

Apples for the Teacher – Interactive Multiplication Chart
Choose from large selection of colors to shade in values on the online number chart for skip-counting or multiplication facts practice and/or print out your shaded version OR just print out plain version to shade in manually.

Counting with Sticks
Easy to use skip-counting machine – have the child skip-count and push the button to check each skip-counted number.

Gold Ridge Math Games
There are many great interactive games, models and practice activities here! Below are just some of the downloadable activities that actually demonstrate concepts for math.

Algebra Equations].swf
Solve simple equations by choosing opposite operations to solve for ‘x’.

Distributive Property
Choose a problem or create your own and then model and solve the problem using the distributive property.

Division Step-by-Step Interactive Model

Find Common Denomintors
View a model of the problem, determine the common denominator, find the numerators and see the solution.

Forms of Numbers Expanded Notation Practice

Mixed Number (Whole numbers and Fractions)
Determine the correct numbers for the whole number, the denominator and the numerator for the modeled mixed numbers and then add or subtract them.

Multiply Fractions
View the model and the fraction problem to find the solution.

Rounding to Whole to Thousandths Place Practice
Click on “New Number” once on the site

Lattice Multiplication
Click here to see a tutorial

Integers: Model and Solve with National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
Adding integers:
Subtracting integers:
Use chips to make the given integer problem and then solve it by pairing any negative and positive chips which cancel each other out.

Maths is Fun

Exponents Chart and Interactive
Scroll down to “try here” to use the interactive where you input different numbers and choose which exponent to see it calculated.

Operation Model Charts

Click on the “have a play” to do the interactive addition

Click on “Math Trainer” for interactive facts practice

Use the cars to model and practice multiplication.

Click here to use the interactive multiplication chart to practice times tables.

Click here for division interactive

Math Templates

A to Z Teacher Stuff – Printable Multiplication Chart
Has downloadable blank and filled-in times chart, with easy to locate shaded facts across and down.

Algebra Tiles Template
Downloadable template for 1′s, x’s, and x squared pieces for modeling algebra problems.

Black Line Masters for Math Templates
Extensive collection of templates for addition, decimals, fractions, pattern blocks and symmetry, tangrams, algetiles, thermometer, and more.

Graph Paper and Grids (for High School Work)
Online printable templates for graphs, numberlines, scatterplots, trigonometric graph papers, polar graph papers, and more.

Loads of useful types of free downloadable specialty graph paper which can be used for those with writing disabilities or or for help with organization and comprehension by use of these as templates.

Lattice Multiplication Template and Worksheets
Example and blank grids for lattice multiplication Templates – click on each chart or template below:

Addition Chart

Addition Chart Highlighting individual facts

Numberline Chart to 100

Numberline Chart – blank

Hundred Chart

Blank Hundred Chart

Hundredths Grid

99 Chart

Place Value Chart (to Millions)

Place Value Template w/ Decimal Places

Times Tables

Times Tables – Left-handed

Times Tables – 4 Blank Grids

Skip Counting Fill-in Template 1-5

Skip Counting Fill-in Template 6-10

Integers Numberline

Integers Coordinate Grid

Pattern Blocks Template (colored shapes to cut out for design work)
Download templates for many areas of math including these: ten-frame, 100 board, fact families, place value mats, lattice multiplication, 9-lines, fraction circles or squares, function machines, data analysis and more.

Mathwire Lattice Template

Mathwire Make your own ‘Triangle’ math facts cards for (+/ -) and (x/ division)
These cards are helpful because you see the whole family of facts for each set of numbers.  For example, the top of a card for addition could have the number ’18′ at the top, and the left bottom corner would have the number ’3′ and the right bottom corner would be ’6′ so you could either cover the top number (18) and ask, “What is ’3′ X ’6′ OR you could cover the right corner and ask “What is 18 divided by ’3′ ?

Mathwire Tangram Templates
Check out this page for info on tangrams, then scroll down to the template downloads and download all three templates to make your own tangram pieces, as well as designs to work with. Also view tangram books and links on the page.

Mathwire Ten Frame Mat – Double frames

Rectangular Graph Papers by ‘Mathbits’
Numberlines, dot paper, grids, coordinate planes, trigonometric papers, polar graphs and more.

ThinkZone’s Protractor
Free downloadable protractor to print out and use.

Triangular Math Facts Cards Template – by Donna Young
Print and cut out these already numbered triangle math facts cards for either addition/subtraction or multiplication/division.  They help the student see the whole fact family on one card, and any corner can be covered to practice the different operations on the numbers.

Multiplication Tricks

The Magic of 9 (Hand Multiplication Trick)
You Tube Video on how to use the trick

9′s Tables Trick (with hand positions)

6,7,8,9 Multiplication Hand Trick
Use your fingers to calculate multiplication facts for the sixes, sevens, eights, and nines.

Magic Math by Mr. Numbers (Overview)
Videos demonstrating the ‘right-brain’ way to calculate math facts, which uses patterns with grids and circles for visual learners.

See also: Mister Numbers Right Brain Math Book, E-Boook, and Videos Order Page

Right Brain Math Overview Demo Videos

For 2 and 8

For 3, 6, and 9

For 4′s and 6′s

For 7′s

For 8′s and 2′s

Multiplication Facts Tricks
View online or purchase the book ‘Multiples in Minutes’ which uses visual memory and stories to learn the X facts.

Problem-solving Math Charts and Tricks

Aunty Math’s Problem-Solving Chart
Big with simple explanations and illustrations; help kids learn basic math/story problems with this chart.

Math Sories – Word Problems Solving Strategies
Find directions for 8 different types of strategies for solving math problems.

Singapore Maths Problem Solving Strategies
Uses nicely illustrated animated and interactive slide shows for basic problem-solving strategies for each grade level, from 3rd through 6th.  Five main strategies are illustrated in the interactive demonstration for each level, using several examples for each strategy and level.