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Home-based Learning  – Enrichment and Curriculum
Support for Learning
Differentiated Materials and Programs – All Subjects
Differentiated Math Materials and Programs
Differentiated Reading and Language Arts Materials and Programs

Online fee-based program for K-12 courses in Public School, Homeschool, Independent study, or tutoring, as well as for higher education.  Web-based program assesses students as they work and automatically provides work tailored to their needs.

Art of Problem Solving
Purchase textbooks, take online courses (some fee and some free) for students in grades K-6 who want challenging math curriculum, as well as opportunity to connect through online forum and games.

Beacon Learning Center
Has teacher and parent resources (lesson plans, online books, and activities.) May have some religious content but has some simple online books and lessons.

Brave Writer
Homestudy or online writing courses and curriculum, including The Writer’s Jungle, which is geared toward getting emerging writers to trust their own voice more than learning punctuation.  This program is relatively inexpensive for what it offers; a full writing program for children and teens, which can also be done at home through text kit or a computer program.

Online lower cost subscription program that teaches letter sounds and word building.

DreamBox Learning
Offers adaptive instructional programs by subscription for schools or individuals (low yearly fee) for K-3 online math curriculum and games.

Ed Helper
Subscription Online program for academic curriculum and planning

Enchanted Learning
Subscription fee ($20 per year per family) comprehensive site gets you 20,0000 pages of A-Z topics and information, picture dictionary, science dictionary, thematic units, and printable maps, worksheets, tests, crafts, readers and academic subject areas.

Explode the Code Online
Provides popular phonics-based reading program with annual subscription.

Offers subscription online interactive programs for learning early reading skills and for comprehension, for homestudy or classroom use.  Early reading teaches phonemic awareness and phonics and comprehension program targets identifying sentences or sentence parts that convey answers to comprehension questions.

Internet 4 Classrooms
Click on “Links for K-12 teachers” (parents and kids too!) to get comprehensive lists of good websites for every subject.  There are many nicely illustrated and kid-friendly interactive sites, with games, lessons, virtual tours, stories and more.

Khan Academy
Offers huge free online inventory of video lessons (animated using a ‘smart board’) and exercises for all math levels, science subjects, TEST Prep for high school and college achievement tests, as well as some history and finance.

Kid’s Cyber
Easy to understand text for primary student research with good graphics, as well as units of work and lesson plans for teachers on many topics of all subject areas.  Also has kidcyberQuests: student webquest assignments with links to information sites for research, project ideas, evaluation.

Reach Every Child
Curriculum guides, website links, resources and educational materials for teachers & parents of typically developing and special needs children

Sheppard Software
Lots of free topics, visuals and games for all areas.

Talking Fingers
Order relatively low-cost interactive online or CD programs for pre-reading, reading, spelling, and typing skills, along with other programs for spelling and typing.  Works on auditory skills, phonics skills, and visual/kinesthetic keyboarding techniques to teach reading and writing.

Texas Tech University Independent School District
Online Classes, Supplemental learning, Homeschool and Independent Study Programs for students anywhere.

Time 4 Learning
Low monthly subscription fee online curriculum for language arts, math, science, and social studies – made especially for homeschooling families or after-school enrichment.  Pre-K through middle school students do lessons on their computers and are tracked for progress .

Write at Home
Students and their parents can access lessons, assignments, and student work from their fee-based website at their convenience.