All Subjects

Activity TV
Watch videos with kids and adults demonstrating how to do activities from 16 different categories, such as cartooning, juggling, cooking, crafts, jewelry, dance and even trivia.

Ambleside Primary Activities:
Practice basic literacy and numeracy skills with activities made by Ambleside School

Beacon Learning Center
Short animated interactive lessons from all school subjects on special topics.  Basic easy to understand for new learners or those with learning differences.

BBC Skillswise
Instruction, worksheets, ‘tutor’ and game features for math, grammar & sentence structure, spelling, and listening skills (however some games with audio have British accents and the money is in pounds – of course.)

Best Homeschooling {not just for homeschoolers!}
Tons of online links for all academic, non-academic, and family activities for homeschoolers and for families who want some enrichment activities for their children.  Some are website based learning and others are resources found on the internet.  You could spend a week searching this site!

“Big Learning’s” Treasure Trove of Learning
Find free online learning modules that are based on real-life learning experiences, which “combine science, math, art, history, and language, such as navigation, birdwatching, music, engineering and more. Each trove contains links to help you as you explore.”

Click Schooling by Diane Flynn Keith
View past and current suggestions (over 180 pages) of great websites for kids (homeschoolers, dayschoolers, and online learners) or join to receive free clickschooling newsletter

Search their archive here

Search their virtual field trips here

Crick Web Primary Interactive Resources
Large selection of interactive games and lessons for all subject areas that use visuals to learn concepts for all elementary levels.

Cosmeo (by Discovery Channel)
View tens of thousands of video segments, math tutorials, images, read reference articles, find links, access other research tools, and play games on this subscription site which is geared to help students complete homework and report assignments, by access to use of their images and citations.

Fact Monster
Kid-friendly resource for U.S. and World History, Biographies, Science, Sports, Math and Money, and lots of other topics

Futures Channel
Watch real world movies about animals, art and music, business and commerce, design and architecture, environment, living and working in space, science and technology, teaching and learning about math, algebra, and problem solving, with activities by grade.

Search sections of lesson plans, printables, videos, and lots of sites with games and activities for all subject areas.

How Stuff Works
Free access to information, articles, images, videos, and quizzes and puzzles on a range of subjects from history and geography, to computers and electronics, to people and health (and much more.)  Some topics may be more appropriate for teens and adults.

Internet 4 Kids
Extensive lists for website activities for children to view at school or home, listed by grade and subjects, as well as technology tutorials.  Each subject or topic yields a list of links to websites suitable for children to view.  Also offers links to teacher resources, special needs online activities, “daily dose of the web’ and assessment activity sites.

Keith’s Think Zone
Fun and interesting miscellany for school kids of all ages.  Good charts and posters, as well as challenging puzzles in math, science, language arts and more!

Khan Academy
Renowned presenter Salman Khan, in order to offer a high level of education for anyone in the world, has created a huge (and well organized) library of FREE teaching videos (with unlimited online practice) for all levels and areas of math subjects, as well as science, economics, some history, and test practice for the CAHSEE, SAT, GMAT, and others.  Students must show understanding of each concept before they move on to the next in the giant map of all math concepts.  Students, teachers, homeschoolers, parents, and others may keep track of their own or their students’ work online.

Australian site which offers illustrated informational pages on the planet, body, people and places, technology and invention and more, all written for elementary level (not too adult or technical like many sites) which can also be used for older students who need adapted reading material.
Search by age group and then by topic – tons of websites that are sponsored by the U.S. Government or approved as appropriate for viewing by children and teens on topics such as health, money, arts, careers, computers and more, with sub-topics like the Lions of the National Zoo, Day in the life of a Special Agent, and CryptoKids, to name just a few. on educational and fun topics to find great lists of websites in science, art, sports and many other topics.

Learn to Be
Non-profit organization which offers free online tutoring (math, science, and language arts) for students in underserved communities in grades K-8 provided by tutors using an audio and whiteboard set-up to communicate one-on-one with the student. by Annenberg
View programs online: from this page select a topic and when you get to that topic page, if it has the TV video icon, click on that to view an Annenberg educational video learning series program (like most shown on PBS stations) such as Statistics, Destinos, (Spanish Language Series) American Cinema, The Brain, and many others.

Click here for their related Interactives Section with visuals, charts, and animations on topics in science, math, language arts, history, and the arts.

Learners TV
Thousands of FREE Video Lectures, Video Courses, Science Animations, Lecture Notes, Online Test, Lecture Presentations.
Offers online learning for math, science, and technology for elementary and some middle school programs for a VERY low yearly cost per student (to compliment school instruction at home, or for homeschooled or tutored students) and group rates for classes, schools, or districts. Each subject offers highly visual animated lessons, animated models of concepts, and games for each topic area, as well as quizzes and student tracking.

Mr. Nussbaum
Offers all subjects with lots of interactive games, drills and teaching skills through colorful and ‘draggable’ tools.

View videos collected by K12 teachers on many science and social studies topics, as well as math and english.  Also once you have selected your topic, check out the links on that page to activities, worksheets, and photo gallery (which can be used by students to create presentations on the topics viewed.)

Open Culture
Free online courses from universities, as well as free online audiobooks, audio lessons, podcasts, and videos and movies – on many different topics.

PBS Kids
Games, videos, coloring, and music activities

Pete’s Powerpoint Station
Offers a wide variety of elementary and secondary subjects in powerpoint presentations that have been created by teachers and others and uploaded to this site.  Many are basic and good for differentiated curriculum for learners who do best with visuals; others are typical powerpoint presentations geared more toward adults.  Please check any of these carefully before using with children.

Online interactive, logic, manipulative, trick and all kinds of puzzles

Reach Every Child
Comprehensive list of educational websites, by subject, for classroom or home learners.

ThinkQuest Library by Oracle
Offers large library of website projects on a wide variety of subjects, created by students and for students from elementary to high school age to use as reference material, as well as offers the opportunity for students to create their own research based websites for school reports or for their own interest.

Watch Know
Encourages everyone to collect, create, and share free, educational videos (You-Tube and others) already organized and categorized according to subject, education level, and placed in the order in which topics are typically taught, that have presumably been screened for this site for K-12 learners.

You-Tube EDU
Videos of university lectures and self-made videos on all academic areas, as well as business, health and medicine, fine arts and design, and more.  Screen first or view with younger students.