Arts and Music

Art Website Lists:

Art Links
Lots of links to art websites for kids.

Art Projects and Instruction:

Art Project by Google
Explore museums from around the world (with ‘street-level’ viewing) discover and view hundreds of artworks (and read about them)at high zoom levels, and then save works to your own collection, add labels or captions, and share with others.

Artists Toolkit by Minneapolis Museum of Modern Art
See examples of modern art, learn about and play with the elements of art, like line, value, and color, and watch videos of artists at work.

Blick Art Supplies – Art Projects for Students
Cool art projects for kids and teens, divided up by grade level, in different mediums  and with a nod to  famous artists.

Calligraphy Lessons Online
Free lessons in Basic Foundational Hand and Italic hand, with animated illustrations as to the position and movement of the hand. Inexpensive CD of the lessons is also available.

Chuck McGovern’s Calligraphy Lessons
Basic lessons for Chancery Cursive lettering, as well as intermediate Gothic and Carolingian Majuscule.

Color Wheel Chart Mixing Theory Video

Finger Knitting Video on YouTube
Learn the easy and fun way to knit!  {For months my son and his friend made long strings of finger knitting for decorations}

Finger Knitting (Waldorf Style) video
How-to video and book suggestion

How to Knit
Instructions with photographs, stitches, patterns, tools, videos, knitting help request, knitting for kids, and more

Kerpoof Studios
Children can draw, ‘spell’ a picture, make a card or movie, or tell a story with easy to use designs. Art Website List
Good collection of websites for budding artists, art appreciation, art games, and other resources.

See images and photos of the origami ‘kingdoms’ and ‘treasury’ of creations by the authors; check out the studio for instructions on how to fold origami into boxes, decorations, animals, plants and more; become a fan or purchase origami products.

Polyform – Sculpey
Ideas and instructions (with photos) for sculpey and other products, with projects listed by product line, theme, season, and level of difficulty (most are still a bit advanced for less experienced artists.)

The Toymaker’s Workshop – Paper Toys You Can Make Yourself
Find free folk-style paper designs to download, print, and cut-out.  Then make animal or bug friends, fairies and magical items, math and learning toys, whimsical toys like the ‘cootie-catcher’ and toys that move.

Museum Sites

National Gallery of Art – NGA Kids
If you have the plug-in, you can create interactive art online with various settings and tools.

Smithsonian American Art Museum
Search the collections and biographies at the Smithshonian to view images (some not available) read about the artwork, and create a ‘scrapbook’ of your favorites.


Classics for Kids
Podcasts, featured composers, instruments of the orchestra interactive, music games, and audio of different styles of music.

Dallas Symphony Orchestra (DSO KIDS)
Animated orchestra seating demo, listen to music by composer or instrument, play interactive games, get directions to make  your own orchestra instruments at home, and take a virtual tour of the symphony’s home.

‘From the Top’
Watch videos or listen to music performed by talented young people featured on PBS Television and National Public Radio shows.

Kids Rhythm Web videos and sound files of drumming from around the world, read instructions on how to make a drum from just about anything, and check out link to the main page of rhythmweb with more videos and info on events and classes.

Mama Lisa’s World
Search by continent to find lyrics of kids songs and nursery rhymes from around the world –  in both English and the language of the country.  Many also have MP3′s, Midi tunes and scores.

National Geographic World Music {Parents may want to monitor}
Search by genres, artists and regions to find popular, newcomers, or other world musicians – listen to audio, watch videos or television shows, read articles and more.

NIEHS Kids Pages – Sing-along Songs
Find favorite classic kids’ songs presented in MIDI format, with written lyrics so kids can sing along.

Piano Nanny
Try out the 13 starter lessons, using the online lessons to learn basic piano playing skills, along with a virtual piano to play on.  You will also want to have a keyboard to use for some lessons and home practice.  Then move on to intermediate and advanced lessons.

San Francisco Symphony Kids
Learn about and listen to instruments, hear famous compositions, learn about features of musical composition, and compose your own music.

Teoria Music Theory Web
Learn theory, notation, and terms from their extensive online tutorials, exercises, reference section, and articles.