ASLU (American Sign Language University)
Online curriculum resource for American Sign Language students, instructors, interpreters, and parents of deaf children.  Free lessons, including descriptions, pictures, and videos that show how to make the signs,  and other resources for self-study.

BBC Languages
Introduction to common phrases and situations available in many languages, with audio, text, video clips, in an easy to use format.

Babel Nation
Free lessons, exercises, and vocabulary with audio pronunciation, for several European languages.

Baby Sign Language
View sign language videos of basic signs online for free, view and download flash cards and wall poster, and read the blog.

California Distance Learning Project (for ESL)
ESL online learning; teens and adults can select a topic area and then be directed to a page with newspaper stories’ that can be read or listened to online by the student, and then they can test their knowledge through matching, spelling, and listening games.

Kid-friendly foreign language learning for basics like foods, colors, alphabet and other categories like home and school, opposites and musical instruments, and more.  Click on 5 different languages to learn through images, words, and audio.

Register to pair with another language learner; you then “work together with your partner from another country – by telephone, e-mail or other media.” From your partner, you learn his or her language while he or she learns your native language.

ESL Websites List from Santa Cruz City Schools Adult Education
Scroll down to view ESL sites such for language instruction, grammar, listening and pronunciation, reading and writing, culture, civics, etc.

English as a Second Language Websites
ESL Activities Websites

Language Construction Kit
“For anyone who wants to create artificial languages— for a fantasy or an alien world, as a hobby, as an interlanguage.” Has lots of instructional pages on models, sounds, alphabets, word building, grammar, and language families –  a tutorial on all languages but with the goal of creating your own.

Live Mocha
Offers free and paid language lessons and games, with the ability to have users take turns to ‘chat’ with each other so they  learn from a native speaker.

Interesting Things for ESL Students
Lots of activities like listening and reading practice, matching words to pictures, instructional games in vocabulary, spelling and pucnctuation, and daily news, etc.

Open Culture
Download free I-Tunes beginning lessons for 37 different languages.