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Math Templates and Tricks
Instruction, Educational Games, and Activities – Online
Reach Every Child – Math for comprehensive list of math websites
Differentiated Math Materials and Programs

Ambleside School Math Practice Activities

All Math Activities:

Angle Activities – Shapes and Measurement

Big Calculator
Easy to use large calculator buttons for basic operations.

Move the hands backward or forward as many times 1, 5, or 15 minutes or 1 hour ahead or back, as you like to see the new time.

‘The Decifractor’
Use this large, colorful ‘machine’ to find equivalent decimals for fractions, create your own fractions, or look for patterns as you increase or decrease the numerator or denominator.

Function Machines

Multiplication Chart Practice
‘Grab bars’ to cover the chart to practice multiplication math facts.

Multiplication Trees Practice

Virtual Tangram

Basic Concepts

Number Balance by CrickWeb
Balanced scales approach to adding and subtracting basics

Place Value Counting with ‘Shark Numbers’- by ICT Game

Place Value Building Numbers – by Learning Box

Ten Frames – by Illuminations
Use the ten frame to practice facts to ten in a visual way

Other Interactive Sites

A Maths Dictionary
Excellent visuals with instruction or demonstration of concept or procedures, with some practice.  (Note: Maths with an ‘s’ is used in the UK and Australia) Mathematics
Lesson plans, worksheets, and tutorials in all areas of math.

Art of Problem Solving
A place for high-performing math students to read books, take online classes (some for free) join an online community with students, parents, and teachers from around the world. Play For the Win!, a real-time math competition modeled after the MATHCOUNTS Countdown Round.

Aunty Math
Find Daily Math Challenges for K-5 Learners, try past challenges, Send in “how I solved the challenge,” find out about the mathematics in today’s challenge, and modify/extend this challenge for different learners.

Clickschooling’s Best of Math Websites List

Cool Math (Amusement Park of Math and More)
Lessons, games, practice, puzzles, illustrated math dictionary

Cool Math Tessalations
Find directions on how create different tessallation patterns for different purposes.

CrickWeb KS2 Numeracy Tools
Great interactive tools to illustrate and create number charts, multiplication charts, patterns in numbers, calculator skills, clock, basic operations, angles and more.

Discovery Education Brain Boosters
Try challenging categorization, lateral thinking, logic, number and math play, reasoning, spatial awareness, word and letter play activities.

Free Math Help
Step-by-step explanations of concepts, terms, calculations, etc. for Algebra, Geometry, Trig, Calculus, and Statistics.

Geoboard by Cut the Knot
Use this interactive geoboard by clicking on and connecting points to make polygonal shapes and it will calculate the area for you (or you can try to figure it out on your own before you look at the answer.)

Hands on Banking
Click on topics on the left of the page for the instructional pdf’s and/or just click on the icons on the right side of the page for age-appropriate (kids, teens, young adults, and adults) animated, interactive lessons on money, banks, budgeting, savings and checking accounts, credit, investing, and earning.

Hooda Math
Interesting and educational games, along with tutorial videos and math movies.

Kids’ Zone! – Create a Graph
Choose from 5 graph templates, select other features and labels, enter your data, and print or download your own graphs.

Illuminations: Resources for teaching math
Comprehensive website by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics offers extensive activities, lessons, standards and links for all math areas, helping students, parents and educators.

Johnnie’s Math Page
Automatic links to some of the best visual and educational math activities in 8 different math areas – number, fun, geometry, fractions, multiplication, measurement, statistics, and probability.

Number Concepts Section

Math.  ”Interactive Geometry Editor”
Use over 30 online drawing tools to create geometric designs made of points, line segments, intersecting lines and circles, and more.
Step-by-step explanations and practice online
Algebra worksheet generator:

Mathematics Lessons that are Fun! – By Cynthia Lanius of Rice University
From basic counting to calculus problems, Cynthia leads students through interactive animated lessons that are visually represented and often require challenging problem-solving skills.

Math is Fun
Do games, activities and simulations for math topics, such as number concepts, data, geometry, algebra, and measurement.  Or try your hand at puzzles or use their illustrated dictionary.


Algebra Balance Interactive
Click on the variable blocks and integer blocks to balance the scale and learn about solving algebraic equations

Learn Your Multiplication Tables
Move the mouse around the multiplication grid so it highlights the two facts, (say 4 and 7) and then highlights where the facts meet (at 28) as well as all the facts in between (skip counting by 4 and skipcounting by 7) – helps visual learners who like charts to help learn or test facts knowledge.

Math Playground
Great games, activities, video tutorials, and interactive visual manipulatives for learning math concepts.

Math Playground Geometry Blocks
Build with geometry pattern blocks in this interactive activity.

Math Playground “Math TV – Video Word Problems”

MegaPenny Project
Click on a specific number of pennies or click through each page to see the pennies grow in number and size, up to a quintillion pennies, all with notes below telling the value, weight, height, and area if they were laid flat .

Mr. Nussbaum’s Math Lab
Offers math games, worksheet generator, drill machine, E-Z fractions, graphing, calculators, with all operations, as well as other basic math skills (measurement, money, time, rounding, etc.) in a visual game format or worksheet.

Mr. Nussbaum’s Math Lab – Drag and Drop Math
Offers ‘draggable math’ – do math problems online, with clicking on and dragging numbers, even the ones you carry or borrow, all in a nice grid.
Offers the Memorize in Minutes and Multiplication in a Flash books, as well as free downloadable pre-tests/screening, flash cards, and instruction on the the technique from the books, which uses stories, pictures, tricks, and mnemonic devices to teach all the timestables.  Watch the videos that teach the tricks too!

Museum of Math (MoMath) Math Monday by George Hart
Tons of cool ideas to view online or actually try yourself at home, including

National Council for Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)
Well organized site with great free math activities, lessons, worksheets, web links (to more resources) and lesson plans and standards for math teachers (or parents) to use.  Interesting topics and activities.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
Interactive instruction with movable images to help children learn and visualize math concepts in place value, subtraction, operations, geometry, and algebra.

Large colorful interactive numberlines that the user can select from 1′s, 10′s, 100′s, integers, decimals, random, or even customize by range and increment.

Phil Tulga: Music Through the Curriculum
Phil’s site offers over 25 interactive online activities for listening and music, math, science, and language arts, such as ‘fraction pies,’ didgeritubes, unifix drum machine and more.  He also offers free educational materials online, classroom programs for your school or group, as well as kits or projects for purchase.

‘Pi Day’
Find information, history, and formulas about ‘Pi; use links to access resources for learning about ‘Pi’; purchase ‘Pi Day’ books and products, and especially click on the link to the Exploratorium, where you can find all kinds of cool activities, schedule of ‘Pi’ events, and view photos and videos about ‘Pi’)

Powers of 10
Play a game, find out about exhibitions, purchase a CD, etc.
View the film to get the sense of scale of positive and negative powers of 10 (out to the universe and in toward the level of a proton.)

Powers of Ten – Microcosm
Click on the metric ruler to zoom in or out through positive and negative powers of ten and see the photographs change from flowers on the lawn to the outer universe in space or the inner universe inside the flower.

Purple Math
Illustrated Instructions, user forums, and other resource suggestions for algebra.

Reach Every Child (Math websites)
List of good math websites

Roman Numerals
Scroll down or click on the next arrow buttons to learn about and practice them in this online tutorial.

Scholastic’s Study Jams! – Math
Learn math vocabulary, watch animated videos on skills for over 10 topics, including addition and subtraction, fractions, algebra, probability, data analysis and more, and then test yourself.
Automatically creates math worksheets to your specifications that you print out.

That Quiz
Free online learning and quizzes on many math topics for different levels, including all basic operations, geometry, measurement, and time.  Also has some geography and vocabulary quizzes.  Search for quizzes others have created.

Virtual Math Club
“For students interested in developing their mathematical problem solving skills using problems similar to those found on math contests such as the AMC 8, AMC 10, MATHCOUNTS, or the middle school math olympiads.” A new problem set is posted each week, the answers and video solutions are posted later in the week.  Opportunity to connect with others via email list.

Vi Hart
Watch videos on “doodling in math class” on various math topics; read and view photographs on how to make balloon polyhedra, platonic models and fractals; learn how to cut up food into mathematical models of regular hexagons or Sierpinski’s triangles; or watch a Mobius strip music box play music.

Visual Fractions
Offers different modes to visualize fractions, teach concepts and procedures, and practice.

Visual Math Learning
Find animations of concepts, exercises, and games to help strengthen understanding of math number sense and concepts, including a box made up of several quadrilaterals that you have to drag and rotate to make the box.

Whole Movement
Learn about the reasons to fold circles, use instructions with diagrams to fold circles, view the gallery of over 150 images or the video on folding, find workshops, and use the link to purchase products for folding and learning about circles.

XP Math
Tons of games for every basic math, measurement, algebra, and geometry skills, with some that teach concepts and others which check mastery.
Try this one which asks the player to find which numbers can be added together as well as multiplied to make the target numbers