Miscellaneous/Fun Stuff

Blokus online game
Challenging visual-spatial block grid game that can be played against the computer or other online players

Try your hand at puzzles, optical illusions, logic games, optical illusions, and other games and fun stuff.

Color Matters
Everything about color – Symbolism & Emotions, Effects on Vision, Color Blindness screening, Design & Art, Research and lots more; includes a section for kids

Color Test (Munsell)
Take this screening to see if you have perfect color discrimination

Crypto Kids
Learn about codes and ciphers, make your own, and play games to decipher codes or cryptograms

Eduplace Graphic Organizers
About 50 free different graphic organizers for writing, story telling, sequencing, problem solving, for all age levels.

Eyeballing Games
The game works by showing you a series of geometries that need to be adjusted a little bit to make them right, testing your ability to eyeball images such as a picture hanging on the wall, giving you a score that should show how skilled you are as an observer.

Free printable graphic organizers

Geocaching: The Official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site
Find out about this sport, membership and geocache sites.

Global School Connect

Offers secure site to help children and their classmates develop cross-country and international friendships, with the hope that they can increase global awareness, knowledge of geography, critical thinking skills, and reading, writing, and language skills. {note: this site may still be under construction and parents may want to make sure they check out the policy on no sharing of personal/contact information}

Homemade Homeschoolers (homonyms site)

Hooda Brain
Games to challenge your memory

How to Make a Web page
Follow the kid friendly steps to make your own webpage.

Incompetech: Free Customized Graph Paper for all kinds of projects
Free downloadable pdf’s for every kind of graph paper: lined, cross-grid, multi-weight, dots, polygonal, circular, asymmetric, engineering, accounting, note-taking, polar, musical, perspective, Celtic knot, Chinese and Japanese character, numberlines of all types, and customizable size graphs.

Lumosity: Brain training and exercises
Scientific brain training games for memory, attention and perceptual skills (free games on site, free trial, and subscription)

Meet Me at the Corner
Offers interesting videos that kids have made about people, places, and things.  Submit your video on a topic, or review a book and film yourself giving the review and upload it to the website.  Check out their extra learning activities based on these videos (such as geocaching, the ukelele, hydroponic gardening and about a hundred topics of interest.

Mr. Squiggle Game
Online version of the classic squiggle drawing game.  On a new turn, you get a squiggle presented to you and then can make it into a person, animal, place, or anything you want, and then you can send it to a friend, if you like.

New Moon Girls Online Magazine
“Girls can create and share poetryartworkvideos, and more; chat together; and learn. All in a fully moderated, educational environment designed to build self-esteem and positive body image.”

Nobel Prize Games
Learn about the Nobel prize, its winners, and their area of expertise and then play games related to that area (ex/ learn about blood typing and play a game finding the right blood type to give to an accident victim.)

Playing ‘Fraction Pies’

Combining visuals and music with math to create and email your own songs.

Paper Models of Polyhedra
Downloadable models.

Pentago Online
Play this strategy game by trying to get 5 marbles in a row, with the ‘twist’ that one of the quadrants must be turned either direction to make it a challenge for opponents to figure out where to place their marble next.

Manipulative, interactive, logic, and other kinds of puzzles and links.

Random Acts of Kindness
Browse free ideas for acts of kindness, read or share stories about kind acts, find resources and lesson plans, join a group or read the blogs.

Fun cooking site for kids with many everyday and holiday recipes and videos of how to make them, along with basics, fan club, and special events

TED Technology, Entertainment and Design (and more!)
Excellent site with free 18 minute lectures given by the world’s top leaders, thinkers, and doers, which have been resented at TED conferences, in all areas of Technology, Entertainment, Design, Business, Science and Global issues.  Topics may be more suited to adolescent to adult learners.

Ten Websites to Make you Think
Good reference and other sites for inquiring minds.

Play this popular visual/spatial building game online, with 3 levels available and section on strategy tips for different kinds of moves.

Play this popular visual/spatial building game online with ‘friends’, with 3 levels available.

Learn to play
3 levels available and section on strategy tips for different kinds of moves.

Experience the sizes of various objects from the microworld to the universe, from a single perspective in a dynamic graphic display.

Visual Calendar and Time
Cool second by second changing display of the year, month, number, day, hour, minute, and second in a linear model.

A family friendly website where they can check out a new wonder each day – view the video or images and read about it; search for previous wonders, or nominate a wonder1

Real time world statistics on health, population, government and economics, society and media, environment, energy, and more.