Reading and Language Arts

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Analogies Games on Spelling City
Click on the ‘analogy games’ to practice using analogies (words that are connected by an association, either by their kind of thing, what you do with them, their color, as a part of something, same thing, or opposite.)

Amazing Sentence Game
Click on each of ten sections to scroll and select from word lists to create silly sentences.

Bartleby’s The Elements of Style – classic guide to rules for correct grammar, usage and writing form

Earobics ‘Game Goo’
Find out about Earobics computer reading program and play other language arts and reading games online.

Education Place by Houghton Mifflin – Wacky Web Tales (Mad Libs)
100 silly interactive story choices made from verbs, adjectives, nouns, places, and other parts of speech typed in by the player.  Good for learning parts of speech.

English Central – ‘Watch Learn Speak’
Great free interactive lessons using television shows, televised speeches of famous people like Steve Jobs, and other videos that are all transcribed to view, as the opportunity to speak the words from the transcription and work toward ‘pronunciation points.’  Low monthly fee premium plan allows the user  to slow down the speaking, click on a word for its definition, and get help with their pronunciation.

Eye Can Learn (Eye exercises for visual health)
Try exercises and activities in areas of perception, tracking, focusing, and eye teaming.  If you have difficulty with any of these, follow their suggestions for further evaluation.

First School Years
UK site.  Click on various subject areas for worksheets and resources.  Click on literacy and then word level for phonics worksheets.

Free printable graphic organizers

Free Rice
Learn new vocabulary (in several languages) grammar, math, art, chemistry, and geography, by test problems in increments, as you get correct answers, and this organization donates food to those in need worldwide.

Game Goo
By the makers of Earobics, this online site offers practice for literacy: identifying letters and sounds, spelling, auditory discrimination activities (beginning and ending sounds, rhythm, following 3-step directions, correct word order) and vocabulary games.

Google Transliteration
Type a word in English and click on about 20 different language systems to view the translation (same word meanings) but with transliteration (written in the alphabet of the selected language)

Grammar Practice Park
find grade level games to learn grammar

Guide to Grammar and Writing
Interactive site for information, guides, quizzes and other tools for learning grammar and composition at these levels: word & sentence, paragraph, essay & research papers.

Harcourt Language
Harcourt Language – resources for parents, teachers and students, with grammar and writing games for kids.

Hooda Word
Play games involving letter, word, sentence, grammar, vocabulary and typing skills, along with traditional ‘hang’ games, crosswords, and search puzzles.

Name Pronunciation Guide — Pronounces the Names of People, Places, and ‘Stuff ‘ in English

Language Construction Kit
Learn how to create your own language, with alpahabet (letters) phonemes (sound parts) phonics system (the written code for the sounds) and the grammar (the rules of how to use the words) for either an ‘alien’ or a made-up language.

Learning Vocabulary Fun
Puzzles, games, SAT vocab, and the “slang game” which helps kids with difficulty understanding non-literal language.

Literacy Center
Preschool age or beginning readers (or second language learners) can click on activities for letter recognition, numbers, colors, shapes, writing letters, and more in 4 different languages

Many Things – Interesting Things for ESL Students (and other learners)
Tons of word lists, vocabulary and grammar activities, sentence structure lessons and random sentence generators, listening and pronunciation practice, games like scramble and crossword, quizzes, and more.

The Meaning and Origins of Words and Phrases (Phrase Finder)
Lists and dictionaries of sayings (American, French, Latin, Shakespeare, Bible, and Proverbs) as well as their meanings and origins, and a discussion forum, “Phrase Thesaurus.”

More Words
Type in a word or word part (ex/ -are, –ot, c—, or *ous* to find all words with that particular word part in them.)  Click on words for definitions, use word lists for spelling lists, etc.

Mrs. Perkins’ Dolch Words
Free worksheets, flash cards, and activities for leveled lists of the well-known Dolch sight words.  Download these items, as well as lesson plans to teach reading and spelling.
Create a picture/poem by choosing images and words from categories

Purdue Online Writing Lab
Offers over 200 free resources including: Writing and Teaching Writing, Research, Grammar and Mechanics, Style Guides, ESL (English as a Second Language) and Job Search and Professional Writing.

‘Reach Every Child’ – Language Arts Websites List
for comprehensive list by topics

Read America – Phonografix Online Buddy Reader
Phonemics based beginning reading program (for small annual fee) which the child can click on to hear the sound for each ‘sound picture’ (letter) hear the single word read aloud, or hear the whole page read aloud.

Read, Write, Think
Offers many online interactive mind-mapping, writing, and language arts activities, such as mapping out arguments for a persuasive essay on an online computer generated mind map.

Create your own newspaper, brochure, flyer, or booklet here

A great way for grandparents, military parents, and others who live far away to connect with children through reading children’s classic books through a video chat medium.  Choose from their books or read your own.  Low monthly fee.

Rhyming Dictionary
Type in a word and you will get a long list of rhyming words.  Choose from end rhymes, last syllable rhymes, double rhymes, triple rhymes, and beginning and first syllable rhymes.

Rooting out Words
Simple practice with different skill levels; read the clue about a prefix and its Greek or Latin root meaning to find the right word that matches the definition given.

Scotts Foresman Online Grammar and Writing Handbook
Grade by grade writers guidebook, grammar, and writing lessons, that can be read online or printed out.

A simple game but fun to try on your own or with family or friends; this site generates 10 letters randomly and you must scribble down as many as you can as fast as you can (if you are playing against others) or take your time!

Sheppard Software
Games on letters, vocabulary, grammar, and parts of speech, as well as scrambles, crosswords, and hangman.

Spelling City
Lots of free activities for learning spelling words for all levels.  Input your own spelling list or use their thematic or leveled lists to learn spelling, (the site will ‘teach’ first) play games with your lists (wordsearch, hangman, missing letters, etc.) do worksheets, take your test, and more.

Free easy interactive activities for introduction to letter sounds, 3-letter words, first books and easy readers for pre-K, K, and grades 1-3.

Type and Spell
TypeAndSpell – Hear the Pronunciation, type to spell to the sound, searn vocabulary

Vocabulary can be Fun!
All kinds of vocabulary activities, dozens of game and resources, including ones for analogy, homophone, idioms, compound words, root word, slang, phonics, SAT and more!

Word Brokers
25 lists of word types, including animals, business terms, horror movies, adjectives, verbs, nouns, and more.
Free or low yearly subscription (no advertisements) for word a day, anagram and crossword puzzles, newsletter, word chat and several dictionary features. COMING SOON!  Customize a glossary (choice of levels) for students with audio pronunciation, definitions (choose from several) and images.

Writing Fun by Jenny Esther
Well organized site offers ‘text organizers’ and step-by-step instructions on how to use them to craft reports, narratives, persuasive essays, and many more types of writing.  It demonstrates examples with colored text to point out the parts of the writing (and you can click on a type of part and see it highlighted in the example, as well as click on written examples of the particular type of writing being demonstrated.  Then either write online or print out the organizer to write on.

Writing Prompts
Click on one of the many numbered prompts to use for writing poems, fiction, and more!  May be most appropriate for older children and teens.