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Arbor Day Farm – Carly’s Corner
Interactive activities and information for children, including games, virtual farm tour, volunteer opportunities, tree identification game, and more (see below.)

Life of a Tree
follow the life of a tree, with animations.

Majestic Trees of America
Click on dates to find tree history facts.

American Museum of National History – “Ology”
Read articles and project ideas, try games and activities, collect ‘ology’ fact cards, and learn about anthropology, archeology, astronomy, the brain, and biodiversity.

Amusement Park Physics
One of the Annenberg parent site, you can learn about the physics of amusement park rides and try out your skill designing a roller coaster, find out why you get motion sickness, and predict collisions on the bumper cars.

Annenberg Learner – Amusement Park Physics
Read about laws of physics and try your hand at interactive games that simulate amusement park rides that illustrate physics principles.

Animal Diversity Web
Browse University of Michigan’s Museum of Zoology, searching through 10 Phyla of the Kingdom: Animalia. Locate information on each species’ class, order, and sub-order and view photos of live animals and specimens, listen to their sounds, and other special features.

Comprehensive library of photographs and short videos of life on earth, including animal life and geographical images.  Also offers powerpoint and other educational resources for teachers/parents and games for kids.

Bill Nye, The Science Guy
Read his blog and newsletter, watch video segments from his television series, do fun science tricks, demos and experiments, and find when he’ll be visiting your area.

California Academy of Science – California Wildflowers
Search by color, family name, common name and scientific name for images and information or use the center search button to select specific features such as number of petals.

Chem4Kids by Rader
Read basic information about atoms, molecules, reactions, and biochemistry, with visuals, activities and quizzesl.

Clickschooling’s List of Top Science Websites

Computer Science Unplugged
Kids and adults can learn Computer Science without a Computer! View the collection of activities online (or download the book) for free, that “teach Computer Science through games and puzzles” that use simple materials,” on the underlying concepts such as binary numbers, algorithms and data compression.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology – Nest Cams
View ‘nest –cams’ of over a dozen birds; watch them live or select past nest-cams to view.

Discovery Channel
Science games, puzzles, experiments, lesson plans, videos, etc.

Virtual Volcano
See the plate boundaries, and active volcanoes, click on models of the various types of volcanoes and inside them, and build a volcano and watch it erupt.

Discovery Kids

Earth and Sky
Read articles, listen to podcasts of radio shows, find out about todays night sky news, find teachers guides, subscribe to their newsletter, and check out the ‘for kids’ section, with past Young Producers radio show contest winners, podcasts, science news for kids, and  ‘ask the scientists’ interviews.

Search each of these sections – birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fishes, seashells, seashore creatures, spiders, insects, butterflies, wildflowers, trees, poisonous and dangerous, threatened and endangered, native plants –  in this online classification tree, which helps you narrow down your search as you observe specific features of the animals or plants you want to identify.  You can also do a search by your zip code to find life forms in just your region or take advantage of their “ask an expert” section.

Find projects to do at home, read and learn from online exhibits and interactive websites about many interesting science topics, ask a question, or click on your age level on the toolbar to find ideas for yourself or your child.

Fantastic Contraption Physics Game

Google Body
{Parent supervision encouraged} Detailed 3D model of the human body. You can peel back anatomical layers,
zoom in, click to identify anatomy, or search for muscles, organs, bones and more, as well as easy sharing the page you are viewing.

The Happy Scientist by Robert Krampf
Use the free activities: find science fair experiments, view the science photo of the day and some video lessons, as well as the free experiment newsletter.  Or, subscribe (very low yearly cost) to receive all activities, premium video lessons, users guide, science fair suggestions, and teaching strategies – all in five science areas.

Harcourt School – Science
Click on a grade below to view animations and activities
KindergartenGrade 1Grade 2Grade 3Grade 4Grade 5Grade 6 ]

History of the Earth
Time periods and evolution of species.

Humans Invent – Innovation, Craftsmanship and Design
View the latest and featured on the home page or search by subject or various sub-topics to read about innovative designs, technology, research and more.  Each entry has an article and high quality images that you can download.

Inner Body – Anatomy
Interactive anatomy activities of learning to locate and label parts of each body system. Learn or test yourself by clicking on either the location points or by clicking on the label.
See the entophiles section for images of each species and its bio and the insecta section for educational articles on insects. Also check out the CE or cultural entymology section for articles on how our lives have been affected by insects.

Internet for Classrooms
Search either by topic or by grade level standards to access pages with lists of links to websites appropriate for children to view, most with activities, learning modules, experiments, or other information sites.

Kids Astronomy
Read about the solar system, deep space, space exploration, and the universe.  Check out the section on tonight’s sky, download a sky map, and do lessons online about astronomy.

Kids Health
Parents, kids and teens can get health information about diseases, staying healthy, and other resources.

Kids Science Challenge
Offers videos on science projects, scientific thinking, and design, as well as resources for teachers & parents, fun activities, science gallery and contests.

Kinetic City
Interactive games, demonstration and activities to illustrate physics concepts.

NASA – Websites
Check out their main site with images, slide shows, videos and information about NASA’s missions and news.

Kids Club
View short slide shows about the moon, space station and the crews, and other NASA images; play games of different levels

Virtual Skies
Click on over 6 areas to learn about aeronautics, weather, navigation, and more – all with text and colorful graphics and charts.

National Geographic for Kids
Articles, games, videos, photos, activities and stories on: geography, science and nature, and animals.
View their Photo Galleries

Neuroscience for Kids
Illustrated lessons, experiments and activities, and links to resources about the brain and the nervous system.

Nova Science Now
Watch videos, read expert interviews, connect to links and related resources on a variety of current events and science topics (for students, teachers, and others.)

Watch PBS Nova Specials on the archive link:

Periodic Table Element Displays
Click on photos of examples for more images and info about each element.

Periodic Table of Elements
Classic table with info on each element when you click on it.

Photographic Periodic Table
Through the periodic table photographic chart, access text, stories, pictures, and data, by clicking on the individual elements on the front page.  Features pictures, descriptions of the objects, complete technical data about every element and information about radioactive decay chains.

Physics Central
Choose from 9 main areas of physics, then for each area choose from ‘physics in action.’ ‘people in physics’ ‘ the buzz’ or writer’s gallery, and then check out pictures, articles, podcasts and vodcasts.  OR search by ‘explore’, ‘ask and experiment’ or ‘physics in action.’  Links to free comic books also.  Lots of text and some images.

Rader’s Science Websites for Kids
Easy to read, with basic info, quizzes, and depending on which site:live cameras and monitors, real-world examples, illustrations and links to videos or slide-shows on each scientific study below:  (Chemistry) (Astronomy)  (Earth Science)  (Physics)

Rocks for Kids
Find types of rocks, information about them, photos, and more.

Scale of the Universe
Great interactive visuals with size of each one in metric scale with powers of 10.  Slide the bar to the left to see smaller scale like an ant, a cell, a nucleus, quark, neutrinos and smaller.  Slide bar to the right to expand out to our solar system, stars, galaxies, Magellanic clouds and more.

Science News For Kids
Science learning by topic, puzzles and games, sharing ideas with other kids, downloadable science experiments and projects, and the teacher link has a great list of other science websites, like NASA earth science and a weather site.

Science Learning Network
Offers news, links, resources (good websites listed) and museum network.

Science University (for Kids and adults)
Offers interactive exhibits, animated explanations and science and math graphics. Store and download images you make at Science U in your own personal Studio.

Scholastic’s Study Jams! – Science
Watch informational slideshows and videos on over 10 topics like the Human Body, Animals, Force and Motion, Weather and Climate and Scientific inquiry, and then check out the vocabulary and test yourself.

Snow Crystals (by Caltech scientist)
Info and activities about crystals and snowflakes including photo galleries, snowflake physics, snowflake designs, how to photograph snow, and news and products.

Star Child
Choose from Reading Level 1 or 2 and then find information about our solar system or the universe, as well as a glossary for each level.  Click on the speaker icon to hear the text read to you or read about the solar system and all its parts, the universe, and ‘space stuff’ on your own, as well as view some film clips and get classroom activities.

Tom Noddy’s Bubble Magic
Find information on bubble recipes, bubble-blowing, bubble physics, and watch videos of some of the bubble magic done by a Santa Cruz local.

Try Science
Try science experiments and demos from science museums and organizations around the world; do them online or find experiments for the same concept to do offline, at home.

Understanding Science
Scientific thinking, methods, and how science works, along with resources for students and teachers.

Weather WizKids
Tons of weather topics, (such as clouds, lightning, tornadoes, forecasting, weather folklore, games, etc.) with easy to read text, as well as photos, illustrations, animations, and videos to explain weather phenomenon to children.

Offers news and information (with images, video and text) in these categories (and more):  Science & TechOur Earth with a feature that allows you to highlight a word and then on click on a link to hear audio (and perhaps view images) explain the term.