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Website Lists

BestHomeschooling’s List of “Written Word, Reading and Language” Websites:
Some of the first items on the list are intended for homestudy while most are reference sites useful for reading or writing.

BestHomeschoolings Myth and Folklore
Online sites for reading

Individual Sites:

Artcyclopedia (Fine Art Search Engine)
Search for works of art, artists, museums and their collections, and find other resources.  Search by all of the categories above.  Art history and ‘this day in art history’ also offered.
Search the web for images, news, videos, maps and lots of answers.

Ask Kids
Search for websites about movies, videos, games, images and school subjects.

Babel Fish Language Translator
Translate a block of text or webpage from one language to another!

Bartleby’s Elements of Style by William Strunk, Jr.
Classic book for writing conventions offered online for writing students and others who want to know the basic rules of grammar and punctuation.

Bartleby’s Quotations
Contemporary and classic quotations collections into a searchable database of over 87,000 entries.  Search by topic, author, phrase or reference source.
Videos, ‘Best of’,

Blumberg Currency Converter
Check the stock market or find currency conversions. Enter the two countries you wish to change from and to and it will give you the conversion for your currency.

Boise Library
Free online audio, books, newspapers, magazines, websites, etc.

Encyclopedia Britannica
Search for subjects alphabetically or for Biographies,
Media Collections, Quotations, Primary Sources, and Extended Play Videos.

Encyclopedia Mythica
Covers regions of Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle East, and Oceania, with sections on general folklore, Arthurian legends, and folktales from many lands.
Offers these special interest areas: A Bestiary, legendary heroes, image gallery, (with images of deities, heroes, and strange creatures) and genealogical tables of various pantheons and prominent houses.

Field Guides (Links by ‘Nature’s Apprentice’)
Links to Online Field Guides for Birds, Insects and Spiders, Clouds and Weather, Moon Phases, and tides schedule for Santa Cruz.

Google Earth
Find anywhere on the earth (including ocean views and whale tracking) and in the universe.  Virtual mapping, virtual tours of building around the world, zoom in and out, view by landscape, horizon, street view and more.  Educational resources also.

Google Labs
Pages of pplications that can search the web to access information (such as Maps of Waling Tours, Google Body, and Art Project, which lets you view Museum exhibitions) and tools that help you access online references and information (such as Google Transliteration, which takes your text and formats it into different alphabet scripts from selected countries.

Internet Public Library (kids library site) (teen library site)
Comprehensive site with information, definitions, resources, booklists, homework help, and much more.

Ivy’s Search Engine Resources for Kids
Search engines, website guide, and special topics search engines like NASA and Kids Health.

KidsClick is owned and run by the School of Library and Information Science (SLIS) at San Jose State University so it screens all sites before including them.  Search for many different subjects.

Library of Congress
Search through online collections for comprehensive archives of audio, text, and images of Americana.  Offers Special sections for teachers and for Families and Kids offer interactive educational activities.

Librarian ‘Chick’ Online Resources
Ignore the website name; it has lots of resources like: Books/Audio books
Dictionary/Thesaurus, Foreign Language,Graphs/Printables/Presentation
Highlighters/Web Annotation, Kids/Young Adult, Lectures/Speeches/Podcasts
Mathematics/Calculators, Online Learning, Organization/Brainstorming
Reference/Research, and more! {Parents should check content before viewing by children}

Literary Terms
Good list and definitions of writing terms

Merrium-Webster Visual Dictionary

Comprehensive, with clear images of words related to Astronomy, Earth, Plants & gardening, Animal kingdom, Human being, Food & kitchen, House, Clothing & articles, Arts &, architecture, Communications, Transport & machinery, Energy, Science, Society, Sports & games.

National Archives
Access archives of national documents for geneology, military, or historical records.

National Geographic
Watch videos, get news and info about animals, nature, science, history, maps, music, travel and photography.

National Public Radio
Offers news, arts and music, programs, “This I Believe” biographical pieces, and online listening

Old Farmer’s Almanac
Find weather history for any of 2,000 locations in the United States and Canada on any date from 1946 to the present.

Phonetics – The Sounds of Spoken Language
Contains animated libraries of the phonetic sounds of American English, German, and Spanish, which shows a chart for consonants and vowels and the manner or type of sound for each, with phonetic spelling of each phoneme,  animation of the oral-motor movement for each sound, as well as video, audio and step-by-step descriptions.

Santa Cruz Public Library

Santa Cruz Public Library “Kids Read” program
Children can find a book, read kids book news and write a book review, publish their story, read “Tumblebooks” online, and find info about the ‘Read-tome’ and other library programs

Smithsonian Institution

Surfing the Net with Kids
Dictionaries, encyclopedias, calendars, and game websites

Time Magazine
Just like the paper version, but daily news, with search feature for back issues or reports.  {Parents should check to see if content is appropriate for their children.}

Time Ticker – Global Time
Find local and global times via this interactive map, along with find lists of all countries in the selected time zone, or search by country to find the specific time zone.

Visual Dictionary
Search (by letter, word, or category) for photos of images of human body, animals, plants, musical instruments, transportation, or clothing.

Visual Thesaurus
This site (very small monthly fee) gives you a ‘map’ or visual array of words that match the word you are searching, their definitions, as well as opposite of the word (for vocabulary development and for writers.)

Watsonville Library

Watsonville Kids Online Catalog

What Bird ?
Articles, online bird identification program, info, links and courses.

Research and read about just about anything.

World Wide Library
Read whole books from across the ages online.

Yahoo Kids Reference
Traditional dictionary and encyclopedia, in language for kids.