Adult and College Education – Special Needs

See Also: Learning Beyond High School (For Students with Neurobehavioral Disabilities)

Academy for College Excellence (through Cabrillo College)
Academy for College Excellence (ACE) is a full-time, first-semester community college program which targets the needs of underprepared students, while equipping them to succeed in college and prepare for a vocation.  ACE programs offer a specialized classroom experience with extra support to help students move into college level classes.

Cabrillo College – Disabled Students Program and Services
DSPS objectives are to integrate and mainstream students with disabilities into general campus programs and activities. The following services are provided to students enrolled through the Disabled Student Services Office: counseling and advising, tutorials, academic support, referrals and coordination, readers, interpreters, note takers, special classes, special equipment, on-campus transportation, special parking, priority registration, test proctoring, liaison with local, state and federal agencies, specialized adaptive equipment, alternate media, and high tech center with computer adaptations.

Cabrillo College – Learning Differently

Cabrillo College – Stroke and Disability Learning Center
“Offers adapted education and support for students who have experienced functional loss due to a stroke or other acquired disability. Students learn new skills, regain abilities, and find ways to maintain maximum independence despite facing life-altering challenges.”

College Living Experience
787 Munras Avenue, Monterey, CA 93940
CLE is a program specifically designed to complement a post-secondary education and independent living experience, assisting students in completing college and transitioning to independent living. Our students range from low average to gifted IQs with diagnoses such as ADD, LD, NLD and autistic spectrum disorders like Asperger’s Syndrome and high-functioning autism.)

FAPE (Free Appropriate Public Education)
Special Education Services for those who have qualified for an IEP, up to the age of 22, including: classes, RSP, resource help to pass high school exit exam, and other special programs.  Contact your local school district Special Education office for more information.

LD Friendly Colleges List (by the Gow School Counseling Department)
Find out about colleges and universities, alphabetized by State.

Special Education Classes and Services
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Taft College (West Kern Community college)
The Transition to Independent Living Program (TIL) is a post-secondary educational experience for adults having developmental disabilities. The program provides instruction, training, and support on a community college campus. The program is comprehensive, with curriculum and training that promotes acquisition of the functional, social, and career skills necessary for students to live a productive and normalized lifestyle.