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California Schools Directories

California State Schools Directory
Search by county, type (public, private, non-sectarian non-public) by County Offices of Education, or by grade level and type (adult education, alternative schools of choice, community colleges, continuation high schools, county community schools, district community day schools, elementary schools and high schools (all or by specific district) intermediate/middle schools or junior high schools, juvenile court schools, K-12 schools, preschools, mental hospitals, neglected and delinquent schools, youth authority, opportunity schools, non-school locations, ROC and ROP, special education schools (public) state approved or exempt post-secondary, state college and university, state special schools, and college and university summer schools.

California Department of Education Database for Nonpublic, Nonsectarian School and Agencies
Search for any “certified Nonpublic, Nonsectarian School and Agencies in this database. Certification implies only that they meet the minimal standards of the laws and regulations.”

California Association of Private Special Education Schools (CAPSES)
Access their Membership Directory, which is a listing of member nonpublic schools in California and brief descriptions.

Search for a school here:

Central Coast Independent Schools – School Fairs
Find information about these private school programs in your area at these events.

CCIS Facebook Page
info and resource suggestions by these private and charter schools on the central coast.

K12 Academics California Boarding Schools Directory
Browse by cities to find boarding schools in California.

State Schools Directory

The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)
“One of six regional accrediting associations in the United States. The Commission provides assistance to schools located in California, Hawaii, Guam, the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas, American Samoa, the Federated States of Micronesia, the Republic of the Marshall Islands, and East Asia.”

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U.S. Public and Private K-12 Schools

All Charter Schools in USA (by Center for Education Reform)
Enter the requested information on the form to see a national listing of programs.  You can fine tune the search by adding more selective criteria.

Directory of Schools – U.S. High School Directory
Search by state and then by school name or alphabetically.

Education Revolution List of Early Childhood, Primary, and Secondary Democratic Schools

Gifted Development Center School Choices for the Gifted

List of Schools (Alphabetical) - Downloadable pdf

List of Schools (By State) – Downloadable pdf

K12 Academics School Directories
Comprehensive lists of all types of schools, including adult education, alternative programs, and boarding schools, charter schools, religious schools, international programs, therapeutic schools – almost 30 categories of schools, listed be feature and/or by state.

State Schools Directory

Elementary/Secondary Schools List (By State)
Click on specific state and then search by school name or alphabetically.

For California go here:

U.S Department of Education – Department of Education Contacts by State
“Contact the department of education in your state, or the adult ed, arts, child care, higher ed, humanities, libraries, PTA, special ed, tech-prep, vocational rehabilitation, vocational-technical, or other education office in your state. ”

U.S. Public and Private Colleges and Universities

Association of Independent California Collages and Universities
Guide and links to all participating schools

College Confidential (college info)
Find articles about choosing and getting into the college you want, how to pay for it, and web discussion community related to college admissions, and more.

College Confidential (college rankings)
Read about college ranking pros and cons and link to several College Ranking lists

College Confidential (college search)
Search for a school by your own criteria and find matches.

All U.S. Universities (by State)

University of Texas at Austin (complete college list by state or alphabetically)
All private and public colleges and universities

All California Listings:

Guides to Schools

Guide to over 300 boarding schools nation-wide, with sections on “the student lounge” for students to get a peek at boarding school life, Open-House info for parents, and a link to request a free guide.

Search alphabetical list:

Education Bug
Offers “A collection of articles on education choices for preschoolers, kindergartners, elementary students, and secondary students.”  Search through comprehensive lists for “choices for PreK through Grade 12 include public schools, private schools, homeschools, charter schools, magnet schools, concurrent enrollment in college courses, and after school programs” in every state of the US.

Great Schools
Find and compare schools in your area,  read parent comment blogs, browse online library on topics such as school choice, learning disabilities, and more.

Growing Up in Santa Cruz Guide to Independent Schools
List with comments about each school that is reviewed.

‘Indigo Children’ Schools list: (includes some local schools)

National Youth Network
Website provides educational information to parents of troubled teens on: “child behavior, including attention deficit disorder, ADD, ADHD, drug abuse, teen depression, behavior modification or intervention programs such as wilderness therapy programs, therapeutic boarding schools, residential treatment centers, weight loss camps, and other adolescent programs.”

Private Schools Report
Statistical breakdown of school size, race, grade and other information

Preschool Guides

National Association for the Education of Young Children Accredited Preschool
Find accredited preschools with this search from the NAEYC