Style Guide

Page Title/Header will use the H2 Style

Subtitles/subheaders will use the H3 Style

All other text will use the Paragraph style. Paragraph text may be bolded, italicized, or underlined.

Press enter only once after any title, subtitle, or paragraph, and the appropriate spacing between paragraphs will be applied. (this is H4 style)

This is H5
This is H6

This is H1

Resource Listings should be created using the Paragraph style

Resource Name (bolded)
URL displayed without the http://
Phone Number if applicable, use format (831) 555-1212 or consistent format of your choosing
Address if applicable
Contact person if applicable
Description of resource (do not press enter or shift&enter after each line – text will automatically wrap)

**The whole section above is treated as 1 paragraph. Press + ( shift & enter ) to insert a single line break after the resource name, URL, phone number, address, and contact. Do not press shift & enter within the description. It will automatically wrap to a new line. After the description is complete, press enter to start a new paragraph.

Do not use colons