About Learning Basics

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Alternative Learning and Educational Change
Creating a Learning Program
Learning Choices Lists and Charts
About Learning and Learning Theory

Brain Based Learning
Explanation about this theory/practice of learning/teaching

Brain Connection
All about the brain, learning and education, with articles, news, library, information, and ‘brain teasers.’

Changing Minds
Learn about explanations (behaviors, critical theory, social, etc.) or theories of how the mind is influenced, as well as explore a huge array of topics such as disciplines (rhetoric, negotiation, psychoanalysis, etc.) Techniques (Socratic method of questioning, body language, negotiation, etc.)

Doc Sykes Psycho-Educational Resources
Notes, Checklists and Educational and Instructional Strategies in Early Learning Essentials,
Special Education, Gifted Education, Reading, Spelling, Written Expression, Mathematics and Study Skills& Parenting Information by an educator.

Education Atlas
Provides information and links about all kinds of education: Adult Education, Colleges & Universities, Distance Learning, Early Childhood Education, Home Schooling, K-12, Methods & Theories, Special Education, and more.

Experiential Learning
Explanation and charts to illustrate how experiential learning works.

K12 Academics
Overview of many education topics, including Alternative education, educational philosophies, issues and policies, as well as links to state standards and U.S. Education Legislation. Sections on disorders and disabilities, national directories, student academic competitions, and more.

Learning and Teaching
Start at the link above for overview of the three sections or go to link below for a mindmap of what’s on the site and then click on area of interest (What is Learning?  Theories of Learning, and References) and then find sub-topics listed (Behaviorial, Cognitive, Humanistic, and Motivational theories.)

Learning Theories
Provides a basic overview, with an index of learning theories and models, as well as a list of books and resources.

LD Online www.ldonline.org/article/Early_Identification:_Normal_and_Atypical_Development
ID early normal and atypical development with milestone charts for Cognition, Language, Motor coordination, Social interaction, and Adaptive tasks

My Personality www.mypersonality.info/personality-types/
Click on these to take a free test for your personality type or to find your learning style. You must register but can use any name you choose and/or an alternate email for privacy.

National Institute for Learning and Play
Research and information on how play shapes the brain, increases imagination, facilitates health, supports socialization, and helps to increase innovation within corporations.

Personality Theories – by Dr. C. George Boeree, Psychology Department, Shippensburg University http://webspace.ship.edu/cgboer/perscontents.html
Click on each theorist to read about their theory of human development.

The Quote Garden
Find quotes about ‘learning’ and ‘education’ by clicking on those topics.

Wikipedia – Learning Theories
Read about the main theories of learning and all their sub-categories

Erickson’s Psychosocial Stages of Development

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Child Development and Early Learning

Child Development Charts
Growth and Development – by Parent Guru

Child Development Guide
Offers info on development of speech and language, play, and cognition, as well as milestones charts and overview of theorists.

Child Development Theories – About.com
Read overviews of Freudian, Erikson, Cognitive, Behavioral, and Social Developmental theories. Click on highlighted terms to go more in depth about ages and stages.

Child Development Tracker – by PBS
Offers ‘how your child may develop this year” with 7-8 paragraphs on different areas of development for children afes 1-9.

Doc Sykes Early Learning Essentials
Expectations and checklists regarding early learning, with assessment tools and explanations regarding pre-reading and pre-math skills such as laterality, pattern understanding, etc.

ECE Zero to Three – Dana’s Child Health and Development
Dana offers her blog and resources (local, state, and national) for families and early childhood education professionals & students.  She blogs from her expertise in child development; pediatrics; health, safety and nutrition; feeding; special needs, and from working with ECE and special needs families.   Main topics include: educational philosophies, infant mental health, prematurity and twins/multiples, special needs/disabilities, plus check out her infant/toddler developmental stages charts.

Erik Erickson’s Psychosocial Stages of Development

Milestones charts (overview and scroll down to click on other developmental stages for each age)

Tools of the Mind pdf
Explains the theory of teaching self-regulation social emotional skills to pre-schoolers through teacher assisted play and language development that increases ability to remember, stay on task, problem solve, cooperate and act empathetically towards others.

Zero to Three – National Center for Infants, Toddlers and Families
Read about research, policies, developmental practices and programs which help families, schools, and communities to improve the lives of young children.

Speech and Language

Milestone Charts

Indirect Language Stimulation Techniques
Effective research-based language development techniques for o-5 and for language delayed children are described here and include ‘parallel talk, self-talk, description, expansion’ and more.