Accommodations and Modifications

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Differentiated Materials and Programs – All Subjects
Differentiated Math Materials and Programs
Differentiated Reading and Language Arts Materials and Programs
Dysgraphia Accommodations
Learning Charts, Templates and Tricks for Math, Science & Language Arts

504 Accommodation Checklist
Accommodations recommended by subject, category, and behavior.

Bureau of Instructional Support and Community Services
From publication “Assisting Students with Disabilities – A Guide with Disabilities’
All about accommodations – who is eligible, how to determine which ones are best (by subject area, disability, and activity)
accommodations for tests, and how to write the IEP or 504

California Department of Education Testing
General info on state testing.  Once on this website section, click on the test type for more information.

Also click on “Testing Variations, Accommodations, and Modifications” link to access the downloadable pdf to find out appropriate accommodations and modifications for your special needs child’s testing.

Also click on ‘California Modified Assessment’ for all reports: such as the CMA for STAR testing, differences between CMA and CST (STAR test) as well as the list of allowable accommodations and modifications for the CMA Assessment

Classroom Accommodations checklist
Offers accommodations based on areas of challenges within the classroom.

Great Schools - Accommodations, Modifications, and Alternate Assessments:
How They Affect Instruction and Assessment
Explains the difference between accommodation and modification, as well as the new term, ‘alternative asessmemt.’

FAPE – Accommodations and Modifications
Explains the areas and the ways that these adjustments can be made with instruction and testing, and in the classroom, in terms of behavior.

National Center for Learning Disabilities – A Parent’s Guide to Universal Design
Read about the Universal Design concept for students and adults with disabilities, which explains that (UDL) is a “research-based framework for designing curricula—that is, educational goals, methods, materials, and assessments—that enable all individuals to gain knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm for learning. This is accomplished by simultaneously providing rich supports for learning and reducing barriers to the curriculum, while maintaining high achievement standards for all students.”

Section 504: Eligibility for Section 504 Services and Protections

Special Services, Psychology, and Section 504 Information – by Van Dyke Public Schools
Offers a comprehensive list of special needs issues (and appropriate accommodations for them) such as anxiety, impulsivity, processing speed, short-term memory, (as well as math, reading, and writing issues) and many more categories.  Click on the issue and then download the pdf.

‘Ways to Demonstrate What you Have Learned’ pdf