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A Maths Dictionary
Excellent visuals with instruction or demonstration of concept or procedures, with some practice.  (Note: Maths with an ‘s’ is used in the UK and Australia)

ABA Math
ABA Math is a program to help autistic kids learn rote arithmetic facts. It is modeled after the Applied Behavioral Analysis methods pioneered by Ivor Lovaas at UCLA. For each math fact (e.g., 1+2=3) the program takes the student through the various stages of descrete trials until the fact is mastered. The program is intended to be used by the student while under the direct supervision of a teacher or therapist.

Douglas Downing “The Easy Way” Math Series
Popular series for algebra, trigonometry, and more. It reads more like a story with clever ways to look at the material. Many parents recommend it for Asperger’s or more auditory learners, rather than visual spatial learners. Look for it at Amazon or other book stores.

lluminations: Resources for teaching math
Comprehensive website by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics offers extensive activities, lessons, standards and links for all math areas, helping students, parents and educators.  Targets multiple learning styles.

Key To…Series Workbooks
(Also available at Kaleidoscope) Offers step-by-step, easy to follow, few problems per page, help for students with LD or for basic review of fractions, decimals, measurement, percents, geometry, and introduction to algebra.

Key to…Series Workbooks: EMpower Mathematics (Extending Mathematics)
Designed for adult and ‘out-of-school’ teens but useful for anyone who needs a remedial or review of basic math skills geared toward independent living skills such as balancing a checkbook, reading a graph, common measurements, using mental math, and other basic math skills, such as fractions, decimals, and ratios.  Inexpensive workbooks.

Life of Fred
Program created by a former classroom teacher, this program uses humor and story to explain math concepts. This program has been recommended by parents of children with Asperger’s and to those who haven’t learned math with other traditional programs.

Living Math!
Shares resources for “learning, exploring and enjoying math in a dynamic and holistic manner, for all ages.”  Offers lists of hands-on learning activities and book suggestions, math programs and websites, lesson plans, all geared toward everyday activities and natural learning.

Math Playground
Great games, activities, video tutorials, and interactive visual manipulatives for learning math concepts.

Math-U-See w/ manipulatives, videos, teacher guides, etc.
www.mathusee.com/index.html 1
Comprehensive hands-on math program parents can do with their kids, using manipulatives that help 
Children ‘see’ the concepts, as well as the reason for formulas and procedures.

Mr. Nussbaum’s ‘Draggable Math’
Users of this site can do their math work on the computer by ‘dragging’ numbers into a grid or form for all operations.  May be useful for those with dysgraphia or other disabilities.

Offers the Memorize in Minutes and Multiplication in a Flash books, as well as free downloadable pre-tests/screening, flash cards, and instruction on the the technique from the books, which uses stories, pictures, tricks, and mnemonic devices to teach all the timestables.  Watch the videos that teach the tricks too!

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
Interactive instruction with movable images to help children learn and visualize math concepts in place value, subtraction, operations, geometry, and algebra.

Large, customizable (count by 1′s,10′s, 100′s, decimals, integers, etc.)  Drag blocks to hide numbers to test yourself or a student.)

Right Brain Math
Free worksheets and inexpensive book, e-book, DVD, or apps can be purchased, which teach multiplication facts using circle, box, and other pattern grids to help right brain visual learners ‘see’ the answers.

Right Start Mathematics
Offers the RightStart Mathematics program, which uses the AL Abacus to provide a visual, auditory, and kinesthetic experience for elementary and intermediate students.

Riverdeep –  Millie’s Math House
Software program for introducing fundamental math concepts for beginning math students or those with learning disabilities, through visual and fun activities.

Stern Math – Structural Mathematics
Program works to build a foundation for math built on number sense for children from Pre-K to fourth grade. “Pupils experiment with colorful wooden blocks that fit into boxes and grooves. The approach is based on reasoning and insight into mathematical relationships, not on rote learning and counting.”

Click here to read an article by Judy R. Birsch on the theory and practice of Stern Math

That Quiz
Free online learning and quizzes on many math topics for different levels, including all basic operations, geometry, measurement, and time.  Also has some geography and vocabulary quizzes.  Search for quizzes others have created.

Touch Math
Support for students who are beginning math learners, students with dyscalculia, special education students (including autism) and for math intervention.  Uses a touch system to recall facts and concepts, up to pre-algebra.

Visual Fractions
For those visual-spatial learners, these tutorials and practice activities are an alternative way to learn and use fractions.

Visual Math Learning
Offers animated visual presentations to teach math concepts, encouraging insight and perception of the concepts with lessongs, exercises and logic games.

Working with Algebra Tiles
This easy to use powerpoint teaches a student or teacher how to use the accompanying downloadable printouts of algebra tiles for a visual way to learn basic algebra concepts.