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ABeCeDarian Reading Program
Offers a multi-sensory decoding program which addresses the key areas of phonemic awareness, phonics, and fluency.  Combines practice in reading, spelling and writing, organized by phonemes.  Each level is relatively inexpensive.

A-Z Teacher Stuff
Create customized word boxes for your student’s spelling word list. Good for visual-spatial learners.

Relatively low monthly fee for access to best-seller audio books for i-Phone or MP3 player.

Auditory Integration Training with the Berard Method
Offers short term intensive treatment for auditory processing and auditory sensitivity which may play a part in dyslexia, speech and language challenges, autism, and sensory processing disorders. Check the locations link to see if they  have a treatment center in your area.  They currently have centers in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, Northern and Southern CA, as well as most states and many countries.

Autism Language Therapies
Designed by a linguist who has a child with autism, GrammarTrainer teaches grammar through text and pictures. Click to view demos of each of the four levels. Detailed feedback guides the child step by step through a series of corrections until his answer is correct.

AVKO Spelling and Dyslexia Foundation

Builds on core word parts, adding more or similar parts each day, gradually working up to more complex words.  Use for spelling or to strengthen reading decoding.


Barton Reading Program
Comprehensive program for reading, writing, and spelling development, with emphasis on phonemic awareness and phonics. Support materials can be used by parent, tutor or find Barton trained reading specialist.

Books on tape: Reading for the Blind and Dyslexic
Get children’s books, K-8 textbooks, college textbooks and adult fiction and non-fiction books on ‘tape’ (system can be tapes, special reading machines or on computer) for children and adults with dyslexia, blindness, visual processing disorders, learning disabilities, or other physical disability which impairs the person’s ability to see, read, process, or access books.

Offers Free accessible downloaded books and periodicals for all U.S. students of any age (with qualifying print disabilities) through a searchable online library of over 90,000 digital books, textbooks, teacher-recommended reading, and periodicals.  Encrypted downloads are ‘read’ through a special assistive technology device.

Books Should be Free
Click above for the top 100 free downloadable (iPOD or Mp3 version) audio books online or search for all books (mostly classics) by genre.  Each selection shows a bookcover and book synopsis.

‘Buddy Reader’
Beginning readers can read online with simple stories which students can click on individual letters to hear their sounds, words to hear them pronounced slowly, or have the whole story read to them.

Capstone Books and Products
Keystone Series of High interest/Low readability books for 5th through 9th grade students at mostly 2nd – 3rd grade reading level.

Davis Dyslexia program
Reading Research Council – Operations Consultant
1601 Bayshore Hwy. Suite 245, Burlingame California 94010
Intensive reading program geared toward the 3-D oriented child, helping them to learn to control their perceptual distortions of symbolic information. See the book, “Gift of Dyslexia.”

Dysgraphia Accommodations
Tips on how to help students make accommodations for their writing disabilities

Dyslexie Font for Dyslexics
New font for people with dyslexia.  Watch the video, read about the research and method used to develop the font, and place an order to download the font to home, school, or business.

Order the font: www.studiostudio.nl/bestellen/

Phonemics Listening Computer Program for Speech, Auditory Processing and Reading. Earobics computer program systematically teaches the critical phonological awareness, listening and introductory phonics skills required for learning to listen, read and spell. Check site for info and sample.

To order Earobics Levels 1 or 2, search site for “Earobics” Home version is relatively inexepensive.

Free downloadable graphic organizers for writing – helpful for struggling writers.

English language learning games, practice, and multi-choice quizzes through listening activities with videos and pictures. Geared for adult learners but can be used for teens and higher-functioning students with autism. (Please have adult preview each category before children view.)

ESL Resources (Adult Education of Santa Cruz City Schools List)
List of good websites to help English learners

Eye Can Learn Vision Activities
Activities to help sharpen “learning-related” visual skills and visual processing. Children can have fun doing these exercises but if your child has difficulty with these activities, it could indicate there is a problem with his/her binocular vision system, and you may want to contact a developmental optometrist for further evaluation.

Fast Forward (Scientific Learning)
Highly regarded computer-based language and reading program for preschool through high school students. Program progresses through different levels of listening and attentional demands, sound sequencing, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, pattern recognition, color-shape identification.
listening accuracy, phonological awareness, language structures, and reading fluency. Can be used at home alone, or used with the services of a FastForward trained speech pathologist or reading specilist. (See ‘Speech Righter’, or Karee Webber, under Educational Evaluations and Therapy.)

First School Years
Find downloadable worksheets for phonics: cvc words, silent letter words, consonants clusters, etc.

Flyleaf Publishing
Order sequential decodable reading series with nice illustrations and leveled readers with age appropriate stories, as well as guides for teachers and learning cards.

Free Reading
Literacy activities, lessons and ideas sharing, and research based reading program you can do at home.

Game Goo
By the makers of Earobics, this online site offers practice for literacy: identifying letters and sounds, spelling, auditory discrimination activities (beginning and ending sounds, rhythm, following 3-step directions, correct word order) and vocabulary games.

Get Ready, Get Set, Read!
Leveled beginning phonics based readers that gradually introduce word parts such as /at/

Hear Builder
Purchase their relatively inexpensive home version (or classroom version) CD’s on either Auditory Discrimination skills or Phonemic Awareness skills for students with language or reading disorders. These use common practices by speech therapists to train the students to attend to and discriminate sounds and directions.

High Noon by Academic Therapy
High-Low readers and ‘sound-out’ books for purchase.

Highly regarded intensive language therapy for children and adults with a diagnosis of dyslexia, hyperlexia, ADD/ADHD, CAPD and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Literacy Connections
Resources for adults, ESL and others with learning challenges, such as locating adult literacy programs, online newspaper for new readers, and picture book lists for new readers.

Many Things – Interesting Things for ESL Students (and other learners)
Tons of word lists, vocabulary and grammar activities, sentence structure lessons and random sentence generators, listening and pronunciation practice, games like scramble and crossword, quizzes, and more. Could be used with children with language disorders or autism.

Middle Grades Reading Network High Interest/Low Readability Book List
Lists books by 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade reading level but good for 6th-8th grade readers.

National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped from the Library of Congress
Through a national library network, offers free library of audio and braille materials to eligible borrowers by postage-free mail.

Orca Book Publishers
Award-winning books for reluctant readers of all ages – from illustrated picturebooks through high-interest juvenile fiction and novels for teen readers.

www.orton-gillingham.org OR www.orton-gillingham.com
Well-regarded systematic phonemic based reading and writing program. Referrals to local trained reading therapists.

Phono-Grafix / Reading Reflex
or see Phono – Graphix Book by Carmen McGuinness and Geoffrey McGuinness (at bookstores) or
Teach your child  to read with an easy, inexpensive phonemics-based program – all you need is in the book.

More info here: www.readamerica.net/page9alink.asp

Read Naturally
CD or computer program with workbooks that help children with fluency, develop phonics skills, improve vocabulary, and promote comprehension.

Reader Rabbit
Computer program that teaches phonemic awareness and phonics.

Reading Focus Card – by Brennan Innovators
Reasonably priced special adjustable tool that can help students track and focus on the print in books and printed materials.  Background color is adjustable for those with sensitivity to white backgrounds.

Reading for Blind and Dyslexic
Students with any type of print disability (vision impaired, dyslexic or cognitive disability, physical impairment, or neurobehavioral disability) that impairs the ability to read normally may pay an annual fee (often paid by the student’s school or college disability program) to borrow or purchase special reading devices for use at home or school that play recordings of children’s books, high school and college textbooks, and most other reading material.

Reading Rockets
Info, suggestions, and resources for parents of struggling or reluctant readers.

Riverdeep Edmark Reading Series for Special Needs
Print and software programs for special needs students such as deaf, LD, and language delayed.  Many schools use these programs but expensive to purchase on your own.

Scholastic Books
Rookie Read-About (non-fiction leveled books for emerging readers on science, social studies, health, and other topics.)
Scholastic True Books (Series which includes tons of social studies, science, and many other categories of topics, for mostly 8+ years.)  These books are good for readers with autism who do better with factual reading and lots of images.

Sentence Shaper
For people with aphasia or expressive language difficulties, this workbook series and computer program can either be used to record phrases and sentences paired with images or to help with language therapy by teaching grammatical structures.  Sentences can then be played back by the person in ‘their own voice.’

Shorter Books for Taller Readers
Multnomah County Library List of Hi-Lo Readers for 4-5th grade students offer high interest stories but with an adjusted reading level.

SIPPS Reading Program (Systematic Instruction in Phoneme Awareness, Phonics, and Sight Words)
A program for struggling readers using a decoding curriculum that teaches the prerequisites for developing reading fluency and comprehension. Geared toward reading specialists, products are expensive.  Explore the rest of the site for other educational products.

SNAP Words by Child 1st Products
Find reading products for the beginning readers, or especially for the right-brained or atypical learner.  For example, their ‘Snap-Words’ set uses imbedded images in the word to help the child visualize sight words.

SPECTRUM Training Bookstore – Visual Supports for Learners
Books and programs on how to use visual supports for autism and for those who need visual support for learning.

Super Duper Publications
Order products for special needs students for use at home, school, or by speech therapists, for all areas of special needs, including auditory processing programs such as HearBuilder Home Editions for Following Directions, Phonological Awareness, Auditory Memory, and Sequencing.

See their iPad and iPhone apps here: www.superduperinc.com/apps/apple.aspx

Tampa Reads Reading Key Method
Offers 56 free printable phonics worksheets that target common phonemic awareness skills, as well as the Reading Key vocabulary reading program for purchase.

Wilson Reading System
Comprehensive program teaching phonemic awareness, phonics, and fluency with instruction guides, workbooks, letter tiles, phoneme cards, and more.

Yes Phonics Orton-Spalding
This programs uses pictograms to teach the 70 Orton Phonograms represent the common spelling patterns of the 45 sounds. Teaches these phonograms and the 29 simple Spalding spelling rules.

Zoo Phonics
Offers many products for a multisensory language arts program, using kinesthetic (touch) visual (zoo animal images with letters) movement (children act out) with auditory and speech (music and saying the sounds) to learn the alphabet and put phonemes together to learn to read.

Word Shapes Worksheets for Spelling Words
Make your own customizable and printable word boxes for words on your spelling list – good for visual/spatial learners who remember words by their shape.


Click here for Dysgraphia Accommodations: pdf

Handwriting Without Tears
Complete Handwriting program used by O.T’s and parents.

Guide to Using HWT program with Special Needs students

Legi-guide Handwriting Help
Purchase specially lined writing paper for help with spacing between letters and for each letter, developed by an O.T.
Common Sense Press www.commonsensepress.com Publisher of Learning Language Arts Through Literature, Great Science Adventures, and other easy-to-use curricula for homeschoolers and traditional schools.

Graphicorgs and free printable graphic organizers

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Eduplace
Over 30 online downloadable templates for writing planning and organization

Live Scribe
A ‘smartpen’ which ‘remembers’ (records) the audio and sound from a lecture, class, or other situation, and then links it to what notes the student wrote at the time–linking everything they heard to everything they wrote.  Student later taps on their notes to replay the recording.

Process Guides – Student Guides

Student guides to the writing process – checklists.

Read Write, Think
Offers many online interactive mind-mapping, writing, and language arts activities, such as mapping out arguments for a persuasive essay on an online computer generated mind map.

Click here for over 60 writing templates, (as well as lesson plans, print-outs, and online activities) including persuasive essay, research organizer, character map, Bio-cube, T-chart, and lots more.

Click here for Read, Write, Think poem writing, book review, and RAFT templates