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All Disabilities Information

Ability Path.org
Offers a balance of  developmental information, health and daily care, finding services, experts’ advice, online networking with other parents, blog for parents, and information and resources.  Click on the scrolling ‘Bullying Link’ or do a search for several bullying articles.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Click on ‘Topics from A-Z’ for specific disability to read basic info, download a fact sheet and access links to resource info.

Disability Resources on the Internet
Browse this site for general resources or click on subject and letter of disability or topic to access website lists.  Offers websites links to Research Databases as well as Disability Organizations.

Connects those with disabilities to information on Benefits, Civil Rights, Community Life, Education, Emergency Preparedness, Employment, Health, Housing, Technology, and Transportation

Offers sections on sports, mobility, tech, travel, parenting, education, entertainment and veterans.

Family Center for Technology and Disability

Newsletters: by month

Family Village
Comprehensive and easy to navigate site about all aspects of disability. Get reading lists and specific medical and disability info, find links to product info, get information on: education, legal issues, recreation, family resources, and research. Find out about parent networks and support.

International Center for Disability Resources in the Internet
Tons of topics and resources under each disability categroy.

Internet for Classrooms
‘Exceptional Children Resources’ including parent, classroom, behavioral, specific disability and other related website resource listings

ISER Internet Special Education Resources
Directory of professionals, organizations, and schools that serve the learning disabilities and special education communities, including learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder assessment, therapy, advocacy, critical teen issues, and other special needs. Also offers a directory of Special Needs State Government agencies, Special Education Professional Resources, Teacher Training / Certification Programs, and Special Needs Software and Assistive Technology

KidsHealth Online
Click on general category on this website for children and teens to find specific medical and physical conditions or disabilities for a ‘child-appropriate’ description of each condition.

Learning Abled Kids
Information, curriculum resources, and Multi-sensory Instruction tutorial for parents of learning different children. Offers information about reading disabilities, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, (CAPD), AD/HD, and homeschooling your learning different child.

NICHCY (National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities
Click on main categories and then find sub-categories of specific disabilities to read basic information and locate resources for each one.

NICHCY Quick Links
Click on the links to find “All About the IEP” “Training Curriculum on the IEP” and “Evidence for Education” with research on specific behavioral or academic interventions you can request for IEP.

En Español
Si Ud. ha venido a la página Web de NICHCY en busca de información sobre las discapacidades, ¡le damos la bienvenida!

PACER National Bullying Prevention Center
Information, news, resources, and toolkits to help prevent bullying for children with disabilities and all children.

Tools for Kids and Teens
Teens: www.pacerteensagainstbullying.org/#/home

Kids: www.pacerkidsagainstbullying.org/

View Bullying Prevention Videos here

Download Free handouts on Bullying here

SPIN Disabilities Websites Links
Alphabetized list of disabilities with links to national websites

We Connect Now –
“Dedicated to uniting people interested in rights and issues affecting people with disabilities, with particular emphasis on college students and access to higher education and employment issues.”  Offers information, chapter connections, stories, news, legal, jobs, and other links.

Wrightslaw Yellow Pages for Kids (National Disabilities Organizations and Information Groups)


ADD Resources
Over 100 websites on ADD, related disabilities and resources.

Attention Deficit Disorder Association
Info, support, news, and events for adults with AD/HD.

Information, resources, and support groups for children, adults and their families, with AD/HD.


Apraxia Kids
Library, Apraxia Diagnosis and Treatment, Education and Schooling, Family Matters, Insurance Issues, Research, Resources and Support, Workshops and Events, Monthly eNewsletter.

Asperger Syndrome

Asperger Syndrome
Good list of other websites

Autism Speaks Asperger Syndrome and High Functioning Autism Tool Kit

Tony Atwood’s Asperger Syndrome Site
Comprehenisve expert AS info


About Autism Law – Northern California Counties
Rules, rights, advocacy and legal information regarding special education and autism, as well as provider lists

Autism College
Offers information, articles, resources and online classes on autism spectrum topics such as ‘Teen and Transition Years’ and ‘Empowerment 10: ‘Acknowledging and Dealing with Emotions’, etc.

Autism Epicenter

Autism Speaks
Family Services Resource Guide
Download the ‘100 Day Kit’ on Autism

Autism Society
Information, research, advocacy, news and free downloads on “Living with Autism’.

Autism ‘Top Ten Websites’

Family Resource Center of Northern California – Autism Spectrum Disorders Research Project
Guidance for families of newly diagnosed children for autism, including choices for treatment, research, resources, and organizations.

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
Info and website list for autism spectrum disorders.

Thinking Person’s Guide To Autism
Their purpose is to “help people with autism and their families make sense of the bewildering array of available autism treatments and options, and determine which are worth their time, money, and energy.  They publish articles submitted by parents and professionals and offer a good starter list of resources.

Blindness and Vision Impairments

Color Blindness
Read definitions, types, causes, and what teachers, parents, and nurses should know, as well as take the FREE online color vision screening test, view examples of how the world looks to those with color blindness, or order Color Vision Screening Materials.

Color Blindness Test for Children

Color Vision Deficiency
Information from Optometry group on signs of the disorder, testing, support at school, as well as treatment and coping strategies.

Color Blind Video – “No Such thing as Color”

NCIP List of Organizations Supporting the Visually Impaired
Long list, organized alphabetically, of all organizations for blindness and visual impairments in the United States, such as National Braille Association, National Association for the Visually Handicapped, National Eye Institute and about 40 other organizations.

Cerebral Palsy and Neurological Disorders

4 My Child
Request information “Plan for Life,” speak to a Care Center specialist, find resources, join a discussion board, and learn about treatments and therapies

NIND (National Institute for Neurological Disorders and Stroke
Basic info on each disorder, listed alphabetically, as well as national organizations and publications links.

United Cerebral Palsy
Information, conferences, sections of topics such as parenting, health and wellness, sports and leisure, and links to local affiliates who provide services to those with Cerebral Palsy.

Deaf and Hearing Impaired

Deaf Counseling, Advocacy, and Referral Agency

Hearing Impairment Resources
Find resource and assistive technology info, then scroll down and click on ‘Hearing Impairments’ for teaching strategies pages.

State Funded program for families of children who been identified as deaf or hard of hearing. Offers support, information on education and communication opportunities, resource links, legislative news, as well as connections in your local area through Parent Links, which is staffed by parents who also have children who are deaf or hard of hearing.

The Listen Up Web
Offers listserve, ‘Listen Up’ and ‘Talk it Up’ Program info, resources and bookstore for deaf and hearing impaired.

National Association of the Deaf
Info about deafness and the deaf community, education, advocacy, legal issues, and technology.

Raising Deaf Kids
Information on Mainstreaming Deaf children into the public school setting.

Down Syndrome

National Association for Down Syndrome
Read news and articles, find resources and support groups, join a discussion forum, and find products and programs for people with D.S.

National Down Syndrome Society
www.ndss.org/ Learn about Down Syndrome, education and therapies for children with DS, research, advocacy, and more.

“We’re More Alike Than Different!” Video
Short You Tube video about young adults with Down Syndrome and their message that they are more alike than different from other young adults.


Epilepsy and My Child
Find info and support for parents and caregivers of children with epilepsy.

Learn about types of epilepsy and seizures, as well as related issues, and find links to other resources. Use their search engine to find local Epilepsy Foundation Centers.

Epilepsy Foundation
Offers news and information, research, advocacy, ‘living with epilepsy,’ products, e-community, and media gallery. Find local

Learning Disabilities (Including dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia)

Bright Solutions for Dyslexia
Offers newsletter, webcasts and videos, book recommendations, websites list, Orton-Gillingham program lists, and info on Dyslexia, including symptoms of dyslexia, teaching children with dyslexia, testing and tutoring.

International Dyslexia Association
www.interdys. org
Works to promote literacy through research, education, and advocacy.  Offers research information, conferences, provider ‘finder’ list, and more.

LD Online
Extensive information and resources for all LD and ADHD

National Center for Learning Disabilities
Info on learning disabilities, language and math disabilities, executive functioning, and social issues for LD kids. Offers sections for parents on supporting learning, parenting, ‘keys for success’ and more.

Muscular Dystrophy

Myotonic Dystrophy Foundation
“Patient advocacy group dedicated to leading and mobilizing resources toward effective management, treatment, and a cure for myotonic dystrophy, a common form of muscular dystrophy.”  Offers links to news, research, community, support groups, ‘family stories’ and more.

Mental Health and Neurobehavioral (TS, OCD, NVLD, ODD, etc.)

Child Anxiety Network
Info and resources, including provider list, relaxation CD for kids, treatment programs and links.

Child and Adolescent Bi-polar Disorder
Find info and resources, including professional providers, educational resources, blog, and Family Response Team members who can guide you to answers.

Dr. Mac’s Behavior Management Website
Offers behavior intervention information and strategies (‘thousands’ of tips) with assessment, ABA, ‘how to’ psycho-educational models, and implementing school wide practices; free lesson plans, podcasts and videos; consulting with schools and teacher coaching; and information for professors of education and parents.

Lives in the Balance
Powerful view of children with behavioral challenges: “These kids aren’t attention-seeking, manipulative, coercive, or unmotivated…rather, they’re lacking crucial cognitive skills in the domains of flexibility/adaptability, frustration tolerance, and problem solving.”  Find articles, books, listening library, workshop schedule, and information about
Collaborative Problem-Solving.

Lives in the Balance – “Bill of Rights for Behaviorally Challenged Kids”

Lives in the Balance – Collaborative Problem-Solving Videos
Excellent short videos that explain the process of how to help children with challenging behaviors.

NAMI’s List of Mental Health Disabilities
Click on each disability for specific information, causes, treatment, resources, etc.

NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness) Bi-polar
Click on Mental Illnessses, then on Bi-polar for info about the illness. See local resources under Support Groups Section

New Jersey Center for Tourette Syndrome and Associated Disorders
Offers referrals to programs and services, education and training for families, and weekly ‘webinars’ (web seminars) Access all previous articles and webinars by clicking on the ‘NJCTS Newsroom’ link.

Non-verbal Learning Disorders Association
Information about NLD, education, programs and events, online forum, support and resources.

Comprehensive sit with info, articles, related disorders, education and homework help, parent listserve, OT info, sensory integration and social skills info, resources and support groups.

Obsessive Compulsive Foundation
About OCD, information and resources, local support groups, online support group, find a doctor, treatment options, research, and book lists. Also offers ‘Organized Chaos’ a teen and young adult support group.

Reactive Attachment Disorder and PTSD
Educates parents of internationally adopted children about adoption issues and specifically those related to Reactive Attachment Disorder and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

School Behavior
Website by professional psychologist offers information on many disabilities which affect behavior, as well as books, accommodations lists, articles, and services such as workshops on behavior.

Tourette Syndrome Association
National association for TS, with information about the condition for: newly diagnosed, parents of, young people, and adults. Offers online store for DVD’s, brochures, books and other TS materials; local chapter finder, and newsletter.

TSA Fact Sheet on Tourette Synrome

TSA Educational Information and Strategies
Download free educational powerpoint presentations (view online  or as ppt) as well as view online ppt.s on IEP’s, child’s rights, RTI, functional behavioral assessments, bullying, giving inservice, TSA conferences slideshows, plus many other free materials on important topics for those with TS, as well as many online or downloadable materials for a minimal cost.

Tourette Syndrome Plus
Offers information on TS and sections on related conditions (for all the neurobehavioral areas.)

Tourette Syndrome Online
Information and support, online community services, free e-mail, message boards, chat rooms, pen-pal listings, and life story publications.

Tourette Syndrome Video – “Different is the New Normal”

Rare or Rare Genetic Disorders

CDO (Chromosome Disorder Outreach or Chromosome Deletion)
Offers parents of children, who are affected by a wide range of chromosome disorders (including deletions, duplications, trisomies, inversions, translocations, and rings) information, support, education, advocacy, and resources.

Children’s R.a.r.e. Disease Network
Offers sections on collaboration for medical information, educational resources, and forums for connecting with others.

Disability Resources.org
Website list with many sites on rare and genetic disorders.

Family Village
List of websites on rare or genetic disorders

Genetic Alliance
News, Programs, webinars and events, resource and services directory

Sensory Integration Disorder / Sensory Processing

Sensory Processing Disorders Foundation
Focuses on research, education, and advocacy related to Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), a complex disorder of the brain, (which affects a person’s intake and processing of visual, kinesthetic, auditory, and other sensory information.)

Sensory Processing Disorder Resource Center
Offers an extensive list of information about SPD, including checklist, therapies, resources, products, etc.
Find symptom checklist here:

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

California Traumatic Brain Injury